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Prince, Stevie Wonder and Esperanza Spalding, Tavis Smiley Show’s 2,000th Episode Highlights

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Prince, Tavis Smiley

Stevie Wonder, Carole King and Etta James are just a few of the music icons who will be featured on the 2,000th episode of "Tavis Smiley" that will celebrate its 10th season on PBS Friday.

Smiley, who has interviewed a diverse range of guests from President Barack Obama to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino to Academy Award winning actress Sally Field, has managed to continuously produce compelling content without succumbing to the salacious reporting that has become commonplace in the media.

"I'm interested in the humanity and the complexity of my guests, the stuff I don't know. Not the gossip that I've been over-saturated with. I think our audience wants new and fresh, not old and stale," he said in a statement released to Yahoo! Music.

Soul legend Stevie Wonder shared a little known fact about his 1970 hit "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" during a December 2010 visit on the show. His mother helped him name the song.

While sitting down with Tavis with a keyboard on his lap, Stevie reenacted playing the song for his mother, including mumbling the lyrics. "She thought I'm saying 'I'm yours.' She said, 'You should say, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours.' I'm glad she came down to the basement to give me that."

In addition to featuring on the show legends like Stevie, Bonnie Raitt, Yo Yo Ma, Prince, Rosanne Cash, Lindsey Buckingham and Seal, Tavis has also provided a platform for rising talent.

Two years before Esperanza Spalding beat Justin Bieber out for the 2011 best new artist Grammy, she performed on "Tavis Smiley," singing and playing her song "Look No Further."

The 2,000th episode airs Friday, May 24.

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