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Quincy Jones Discusses Future Of The Music Business: Black Music Month Interview Part IV Of IV

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First, Yahoo! Music would like to thank thelegendary Quincy Jones for making himself available for this 4-part Black MusicMonth web interview series. It has been incredible.


In our last installment Jones discusses one of the areas heis most noted for -- his ability to bridge the gaps between artists of differentgenres. He's had great success with this on various albums, Back On The Block, Q's Jook Joint, and the forthcoming release, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra.


He even reveals the little known fact of how he incorporateda bit of John Coltrane's music into a song from Michael Jackson's Thriller album.

Quincy closes out our conversation with his thoughts on the future of the musicbusiness. Considering the decline in record sales, he has some seriousconcerns.

Be sure to check out this segment. You'll also see more Quincy in coming weeks,as he provides commentary one a few albums in our 30 Most Significant Albums InBlack Music History countdown.

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