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Quincy Jones On Working With Lionel Hampton, Billie Holiday, And Cab Calloway As A Teenager: Black Music Month Interview Part II Of IV

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Quincy Jones has been in the music business for 60 YEARS. Solet's do the math. Since he's 77-years-old that means that he began his career when he was a teenager.


By the age of 14, Jones wasn't just working on music in hisspare time at home, he was collaborating with the likes of other thenburgeoning icons, Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, and Cab Calloway.

Though he received a scholarship and began studies at theprestigious Schillinger House (the precursor to Berklee College Of Music) whenhe turned 18, he set on a new course when he landed an opportunity to tour withjazz great Lionel Hampton.

In Part II of our 4-part Black Music Month web series, Jonesdiscusses his impressive formative years in the business.



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