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Quincy Jones Says Dreaming Big Key To His Success: Black Music Month Interview Part III Of IV

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In the third installment of our 4-part Black Music Monthvideo interview web series with Quincy Jones, the legendary mogul shares someof the philosophies behind his decisions on discovering talent and mapping outhis career path.

As a musician he never limited himself, and learned to playimusic of multiple genres.

Even though he did not have any black role models inentertainment to look to, he relied on dreaming big. "We knew Amos & Andywere white," he said. "I made Lone Ranger black in my imagination."


He learned not to be discouraged when others were criticalof his aspirations. He and his childhood friend Ray Charles shared a mantra:"Not one drop of my self worth depends on your acceptance of me."

Jones said this mindset was a winning formula. "What it does,it [is] almost force feeding you [to] being very cognizant of who you are andnot being an outside-inside person and being what someone else wants you to be.

"We didn't have the P. Diddy's and Oprah's and Michael Jordan'sand all that stuff then," he said. "My daddy worked for Joe Lewis, and I didn'twant to be a boxer for sure. So we talked about our dream."

Be sure to check back on Moday, June 21, for the fourth and final Black Music Month segment with Quincy Jones.

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