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Remember ‘Saturday Night Live”s ‘Simmer Down Now’ Donna Summer Skit?

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Deaths are tough and they've come hard and fast in 2012. I feel completely blindsided by the news of Donna Summer's passing. It was sad when Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Adam "MCA" Yauch died, but the media coverage of their later years prepared us to some extent.

In these times, I search for something positive, uplifting or comical about the deceased. For the Queen of Disco, it's a hilarious 2000 "Saturday Night Live" skit by Cheryl Ann O'Teari portraying Nadeen, an obnoxious restaurant cashier.

Displaying the worst customer service ever, Nadeen orders her already patient customers to chill out. She demands that they "simmer down." The length Nadeen goes to define simmering down always provokes a good laugh.

The Donna Summer joke doesn't come until the 3:21 mark, but it's worth the wait.

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