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Rihanna And Chris Brown Love The Attention

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Chris Brown and Rihanna must be enjoying their control of the media. Thursday night the ex-couple was spotted sitting on opposite ends of the same row at the National Basketball Association Finals in Orlando.

Wednesday Rihanna was photographed at the Black Eyed Peas' album release party hugging fast rising hip-hop artist Drake with whom she has been rumored to be dating. At least one blog reported seeing the two kissing at a Manhattan bowling alley last month.

Tuesday Chris' bid to delay the hearing in his case involving an alleged assault charges against Rihanna was denied.

All these things make for a great lead up to the hearing scheduled for Monday, June 22.

Rihanna's attorney Donald Etra confirmed to US Weekly that his client would cooperate with the court's subpoena for her to testify.

The question is, what will she say?

It's my guess that Rihanna will go easy on Chris. I imagine that she will tell a version of the story that won't make him look like a villain. Last month, Chris released a poorly judged YouTube video in which he expressed that he wasn't a 'monster.'

Though Rihanna and Chris were not photographed sitting next to each other at the highly publicized NBA game, they had to predict that the media would note that they were both in attendance and sitting so closely.

In weeks after the February 8 incident where Chris allegedly beat Rihanna following a pre-Grammy party, the former couple spent the weekend together at one a Florida home of Sean "Diddy" Combs.

I wonder if they are staying at Diddy's place again this weekend.

Maybe this public appearance is their way of telling the public that they are working through their problems.

It seems to me that if Rihanna was really upset about the ordeal and nervous about having to go to court to testify that she would not look so happy in the photos taken at the game. How could she look so at ease with the guy being charged with bruising her face sitting just a couple feet away?

Apparently, they don't mind the attention.

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