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Rihanna, Cassie, Ray J Patch Your Leaks

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I don't know why I continue to be shocked by leaked naked celebrityphotos. When I blogged Thursday about Cassie's topless pictures, I questionedwhether or not she released the photos herself.


News Friday that naked photos of Rihanna were also on theinternet changes my discussion.

This is happening too frequently.

I get it. It's hard to resist the sensationalist impulse tolook at the photos, laugh and tell someone else about it.

But there's a bigger problem.

It doesn't matter to me that Cassie makes no big deal of thepublic seeing her breasts. There are plenty of respected actresses who werenever criticized for disrobing for the big screen.

But I don't like the fact that everyone is ok with photos ofthese young adults being distributed for all to see.

Too many teens are circulating photos of themselves invarious states of undress and it is out of control.

I could only imagine how I would feel if I were the parentof any of these kids.

Having intimate private photos revealed could cause someembarrassment, but I understand that there are bigger problems in the world.

I am concerned, however, about how this behavior impactskids' perspectives about sex.

Does this support the mindset that it is acceptable to takepictures of your partner and show the photos to your friends?

Does this desensitize those, who have agreed to bephotographed, and make them think that it is okay for others to see theirbodies because everyone else is doing it?

My parents weren't perfect, and neither am I. But I'mgrateful that they taught me the importance of individuality. It didn't matterwhat other kids did. I was expected to adhere to the rules of the Johnson householdand there was no discussion.

I don't care if Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Paris, Cassie, Rihanna, etc., have moved onfrom any embarrassment from having nude images of themselves viewed by themasses. I don't care if they've experienced increased fame, landed reality TVshows, and recording deals.

Who cares? That's not the point.

Don't exploit indecency for your own personal gain.

If you chose to document your intimate behavior with yourpartner, that is your business.

But be responsible. Don't email or text someone a picturethat can easily be forwarded to someone else. Don't leave a tape or file easilyaccessible by anyone.

I don't even send professional business correspondence viaemail without considering the ramifications of it being forwarded to someone Idid not intend to see it.

You'd better protect itjust as a wise person does her money.

I realize you are young and living in the moment, but youare overdue for a reality check.

People who are not responsible about their finances,education, friendships, intimacy, etc. all suffer the consequences in one wayor another. And I'm speaking from experience.

If you are an exhibitionist and enjoy being voyeuristic...Well,this is a Yahoo! blog, so I suppose I need not go there.

The media, paparazzi, etc. also need to stop feeding intothis. I will blog about that another time.

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