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Should Whitney Stop The Live Performances?

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WhitneyHouston's sub-par performances on Dancing With The Starsand the American Music Awards shows this week send the message that the onceprodigal singer is committed to her recovery from years of drug use thatclearly damaged her voice.


Being the featured musical guest on the top rated DancingWith The Stars finale Tuesday was a major coup for Whitney who released herlast album seven years ago.

But Whitney struggled to deliver the power needed to pulloff the Alicia Keys-penned "Million Dollar Bill" from latest album, "I Look ToYou." The same applies to her live version of her classic, "I Wanna Dance WithSomebody," also performed on DWTS.

Whitney failed to hold even lesser notes, talked her waythrough some of the lyrics, and sounded hoarse.

Unfortunately, her raspy pitch wasn't due to a cold. This isher new tone. This is also how she sounded Sunday when performing another newsong "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" on the American Music Awards, and recentlywhen she appeared on The X Factor, Oprah, and GoodMorning America.

I can't help but consider whether or not it has been a goodidea for Whitney to take on all of these high profile live shows when she isvisibly not up to her own standards.

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Whitney's Good Morning America performance in Septemberconfirmed that the once cherished voice of pop music could no longer hit thenotes that made her an international household name.

It was so painful watching her fumble through her songs and singwithout range.

It must have been humbling for her to accept that her vocal gifthad been compromised. I assumed that she performed on Good Morning Americabecause she had to. She owed an update to her fans that had been anticipatingher return.

Then, I thought she would give the world that one glimpse ofher current vocal state and then stop performing live, and let the recordedtracks from the "I Look To You" album sell the record.

But I was wrong.

Whitney may have been nervous about returning to the musicscene at a level far lower than her artistic peak, but she's done it with suchconfidence that I can only respect her.

Many celebrities that have battled with drugs, a badmarriage, and public scrutiny were not able to overcome the depression alone.They could not cope with their perceived failure or face their detractors.

But Whitney has got her game face on.

She is apparently not willing to let these issues force herinto early retirement. She is eager to get back to work.

It is unlikely that she'll ever get back the voice that gavethe "Bodyguard" the best selling soundtrack of all time. But it's encouragingwatching her working to do so.

Maybe at this stage of her career and life, she is moreconcerned about sending the message of perseverance than skill. It would makesense considering that she has a 16-year-old daughter to raise, and global fanswho want to see and support her.

Keep on performing Whitney.

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