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Souls Of Mischief: Infinite Dopeness

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Not too many hip-hop artists can boast being in the game for more than 15 years. And of those still around, even fewer exude style and finesse comparableto their seminal work. Though I'm way late on this one (props to 2dopeboyz.com, thanks for the photo Meka), I need to shout out myBay Area brethren Souls Of Mischief who kick off their new EP Montezuma'sRevenge with "Tour Stories."


With Domino on the beat and Prince Paul on production, the hummingjazz-laced track is as mesmerizing as their classic "'93 'til Infinity." Whiletheir contemporaries measure their success by units sold, fame and riches, theSouls lend deeper perspective.

Their narratives about the "pandemonium" they experience in each cityvisited and the dream realized speaks volumes to their appreciation of theirartistry. It is echoed in part of the chorus: "We used to dream about this,never thought it would be real, now we on planes, trains and automobiles."

But it is part of the last verse that really puts things intoperspective. It is the story of a proud uncle congratulating his musicallyinclined nephew whose talents have taken him and his crew around the world.

While the story is of an uncle giving props to his nephew, most importantly, it is an elder stateman acknowledging the accomplishments of a legend in the making. It's affirmation that along with all the Mischiefthe Oaklandboys have stayed true to their Souls.

Listen to "Tour Stories" in the Honda Fit widget below. Click on Hip Hop Media Training playlist under the Music Blogs! tab. While you're there, use the player to create your own remix of the song and also check out other cool independent hip hop artists, Dap Daniel, Dionyza, Insight and Electric.

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