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Stephen Colbert Takes On Kanye

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Did you see the viral video about a concertgoer who threw a penny on stage during a Kanye West performance?

Instead of stopping the show, a justifiably angry Kanye just kept singing, but changed the words. "What if that sh-t had hit me in my pretty ass-face," he sang. "If you want to make yourself known, I'll smack you in your f--king face."

The crowd freaked out with applause. They loved it. They got off on seeing Kanye lose it live. Their near $100 tickets were worth it.

If you feel even a little bit envious of the troublemaker who interrupted Kanye's set and wish that you too could do something to remind the overconfident rapper and producer that he needs to chill, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert has an assignment for you.

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Last week, The Colbert Report host announced the Humble Kanye campaign where he sought to quiet the egotistical West by knocking his 808s And Heartbreak album out of the Number 1 spot on iTunes. Actually, Britney's new album Circus has beat Colbert to the punch. But you can only imagine how annoyed Kanye would be if his recently released album is outsold by a comedy record, even if it is only for one week and via one retail outlet.

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Now, A Colbert Christmas is Number 9. Please join me in supporting this worthy cause.

Helping Colbert out yields two-fold results. As if simply shaming Kanye isn't enough, A Colbert Christmas is a solid purchase. The 9-song album and DVD features Colbert singing Christmas songs with music superstars including Toby Keith, John Legend, Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello and even fellow comedian Jon Stewart. John Legend's "Nutmeg," a soulful, Isaac Hayes-styled innuendo for sex, is already a viral hit.


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