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The Pursuit Of Gangstaness

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Guess Young Buck hasn't gotten a new Bentley from G-Unit Uncle Fiddy in a while. You know the one Buck rhymes about on Lil' Scrappy's "Money In The Bank (Remix)": "I got a Bentley that I only drove one time/ 50 bought it for me shawty but it's still me."

Apparently, he complained while on stage at a concert in Atlanta that 50 had become stingy with this cash.

I guess the gift of giving has reached a sad ending at the Bank Of Curtis Jackson.

Recently, 50 Cent's side of the story was reported in XXL magazine. 50 not only confirms the rumors, but he says that he sat down with the entire G-Unit crew, or at least a representative for each of the members, and laid down the new law. Sounds like it went a lot like any one of the scenes from Friday when Pop Jones told Craig to "get a job."

Sounds like sound advice.

I finally saw The Pursuit Of Happyness this past weekend and would recommend it to any G-Unit member who has yet to perfect their art of hustling. Even though 50 Cent appears to be the hip-hop's best contemporary example of this, there is still hope for Buck, Lloyd Banks and Olivia. They could definitely learn a thing or two from the story's subject, Chris Gardner.

This is the part of the story Chris Gardener would call hustling.

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