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Toy Soulja: Animated Soulja Boy Responds To Critics

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Soulja Boy is tired of being hip-hop's scapegoat. Last year,Ice T claimed that Soulja Boy's success signaled the downfall of hip-hop.Critics, including this one, complained about the rapper's sophomore lyrics.

But the "Crank Dat" rapper fires back on his new track,"Soulja Boy Tell'em," the theme song from his new show, Soulja Boy Tell'em: TheAnimated Series. The song is also featured on his latest album, iSouljaBoyTellem

He puts us all in our places, spewing, "I'm doinginterviews, addressing all these critics trying to underrate me saying I ain'tgot no lyrics."

He argues that his popularity amongst his fans should be ofsome significance: "Three times platinum, yeah I broke the record. If you can'trespect that, tell me what is you respectin'." (It's important to note that thethree times platinum reference he makes is associated to his ring tones sales,not albums.)

Soulja Boy goes on to claim that he "spits fire," suggeststhat "old washed up rappers" retire, and says he sells more records than some"clown" who has been dissing him.

It's hilarious watching these rhymes come out of the mouthof a cartoon version of Soulja Boy. Still, hip-hop diss record elite BoogieDown Productions ("South Brox"), RoxanneShante ("Roxanne's Revenge"), MC Lyte ("10 Percent Diss"), Ice Cube ("NoVaseline"), Nas ("Ether"), etc. are in no threat of being dethroned.

I do give the teenage MC props for putting in work. SouljaBoy Tell'em: The Animated Series is about the character's experience going backto high school. It co-stars Alphonso Ribiero, who played Carlton Banks on theFresh Prince Of Bel Air, and will debut on Soulja's website, www.tellem.tv. Themaking of clip below is interesting. Take a look.

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