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Tye Tribbett Talks Cutting Dreads, Flaws And ‘Greater Than’

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Gospel artist Tye Tribbett stopped by the Yahoo! offices when he was in Los Angeles to tape his forthcoming Greater Than CD/DVD. In part-one of the three-part interview, Tye explains his two-year decision to cut his dreadlocks, why he doesn't regret going public about his infidelity, and what prompted the name of his upcoming set.

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Tye Tribbett (photo: Instagram)

On being open about his transgressions, he said:

I think it was important for me to present myself as a gospel artist, as Christian, as a representer of God … as flawed because I think the facade is they're perfect or not perfect -- I don't think anyone is perfect, of course -- but I think we're all striving and I don't think us leaders present the strive.

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