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Unreleased Michael Jackson Song Features Background Vocals From Brothers

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Be sure to take a box of Kleenex with you when you see Michael Jackson's "This Is It." Expect people to be crying whenwatching Michael's posthumous concert film which hits the big screen onWednesday, October 28.

If seeing footage of a healthy Michael effortlessly firingthrough production numbers just days before his death does not tug on the heartstrings of fans, hearing his previously unreleased song, "This Is It," duringthe film's closing credits will definitely evoke emotion. The song was released Monday at midnight on MichaelJackson.com.

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The song's opening lines are prophetic, as they succinctlysummarize what the late King of Pop represents to his global listeners:

"This is it, here I stand
I'm the light of the world I feel grand
This love
I can feel
And I know yet we're sure it is real"

For a second, you feel as though Michael recorded this track for this very moment. The lyrics are actually about gently ending arelationship with a lover.

A regular and orchestra version of the compositon appears on the"This Is It" album released internationally on October 26 and in North America on October 27. The rendition featured onthe MichaelJackson.com website is a classic Michael ballad. The musicis soft and complimentary. The electric and bass guitars, violins, and pianoare light, not over produced.

Michael's voice shines through, displaying the passion hedid on "She's Out Of My Life," "Heal The World," and "I Just Can't Stop LovingYou."

Hearing his brothers' perfect subtle supporting harmonysweetens the offering in typical Jackson5 form.

This song makes us miss him that much more.

Disc 1 of the 2-CD set includes a compilation of hits. Disc2 includes demo recordings of "She Out Of My Life," "Wanna Be Startin'Somethin'," and "Beat It."

See "This Is It" album complete tracklisting below:

Disc 01

"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
"They Don't Care About Us"
"Human Nature"
"Smooth Criminal"
"The Way You Make Me Feel"
"Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)"
"I Just Can't Stop Loving You"
"Beat It"
"Black Or White"
"Earth Song"
"Billie Jean"
"Man In The Mirror"
"This Is It"
"This Is It (Orchestra Version)"

Disc 02
"She's Out Of My Life (Demo)"
"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Demo)"
"Beat It (Demo)"
"Planet Earth (Poem)"

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