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Walmart Responds To Chris Brown’s Twitter Rants, Singer Deletes Twitter Account

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Pop singer Chris Brown has taken to Twitter to complainabout Walmart. He accuses the retail chain of not stocking his new album,"Graffiti," on the shelves.

A Walmart spokesperson dismisses his accusations.

"We do not understand the comments on Twitter, since allWalmart stores carried the CD since its release, including the Wallington storein the post," said Melissa O'Brien, Senior Manager PR & Brand Reputation.

"This store had in fact sold through their copies over theweekend," O'Brien added. "The majority of our stores are showing today theyhave copies on hand."

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Saturday night, Brown Tweeted that the location did not haveany of his albums when he visited. "JUST WAS AT WALMART IN Wallingford CT, 844north colony.. the[y] didn't even have my album in the back...," Brown Tweeted. "noton shelves, saw for myself."

"We talked to the mangers and the[y] didnt even knowanything. Wow!!! But they had Alicia keys album ready for this Tuesday comin," hecontinued.

"the manager told me that when there are new releases itsmandatory to put em on the shelves.. BUT NO SIGN OF #GRAFFITI. BS," Brown wrote.

When asked about Brown's visit to the Connecticut location, O'Brien declined tooffer any further comment.

"Graffiti" is target to sell about 100,000 copies, accordingto Roy Trakin, senior editor for music industry trade Hits magazine.

One hundred thousand copies is a considerably low number forBrown. His 2005 self-titled debut entered the Billboard 200 album chart at No.2, selling 154,000 copies. His sophomore album "Exclusive," released inNovember 2007, debuted at No. 4 and sold 294,000 copies during itsfirst week.

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A representative for Brown's label said the company is okaywith his numbers, considering the music industry's current lukewarm salesmarket. "Britain'sGot Talent" star Susan Boyle is one of the few artists of late to sell a lot ofalbums. Boyle is projected to sell 2 million copies of her debut, "I Dreamed ADream," in just three weeks.

The company is pleased that Brown's album is on target tocome in No. 1 on the R&B album chart, No. 2 on the digital album chart, andtop 5 on the pop chart, the label rep noted.

Focusing on random retailers is not the best gauge for thealbum's promotional support, the rep added, before referring to Brown's Tweets as a distraction.

Ironically, as of Monday afternoon, Brown's MechanicalDummy Twitter page has been deleted.

The label is instead focusing onthe fact that Brown's Fan Appreciation Tour dates have been selling out.

Brown started his online tirade against Walmart Friday witha series of expletive-laced Tweets.

"im tired of this...major stores r blackballing my cd.Not stockin the shelves and lying to customers," Brown posted on hisMechanicalDummy Twitter page, following up with more volatile Tweets about hisfrustration.

Afterrealizing the severity and shock of his rant, he refused to back down and Tweetedthat he would not be issuing a retraction. "I'm not biting my tongue," hepledged, and continued to unleash on followers who send him negative comments.

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