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Whitney Houston’s ‘Strength’ Track Not Strong Enough

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Whitney Houston is singing about life struggles on a new song "I Didn'tKnow My Own Strength" that is making its rounds online.

Her label has not confirmed that the song will be the official first singlefrom her album, "I Look To You,"due out on September 1.

On the song written by Diane Warren, Whitney discusses resurfacing after encounteringhard times. "I crashed down, I tumbled, but I did not crumble," shesings. "I got through all the pain. I didn't know my own strength."

It is clear that Whitney is referring to the last several years of her life.Speculation about her drug abuse and tumultuous relationship with her bad boyex-husband Bobby Brown made her a tabloid fixture.

The lyrics say that she has "survived" her "darkesthour," something she attributes to her faith.

Considering all that she has been though and the public speculation, it is agood move for her to confront her obstacles in her music. It will help her fansreconnect and champion her return.

The bigger question is whether or not she can deliver an album that willresonate with fans. While the subject matter is important, she has a lot morepressure to bear because her career has always been based on her superiortalent. 

Consider that we still use her performance of "I WillAlways Love You" as the barometer of how great she can sound; it leaves"Strength" falling short.

"Strength" is pleasant, but it lacks the punch we have come toexpect from a Whitney track. There is no breakout moment that gives you thechills and excites you with anticipation on a subsequent listen.

I am glad that Whitney is coming back and will be sure to watch herperformance on the "Good Morning American" concert series this fall. But I likemy Whitney a bit stronger.

If it turns out that "Strength" is the "I Turn To You" lead track,maybe it will serve as a filler to set up her return. Maybe afterwards she will release a bigger song?

Ironically, as I've listened to recent songs from Jennifer Hudson andMichelle Williams, it was clear that their sounds were influenced by Whitney.I think some of their songs, "Spotlight" and "We BreakThe Dawn," respectively, would have been massive hits had Whitney performedthem.

Just because I think "Strength" is just ok does not mean that Idon't think Whitney can make a solid comeback. She can. It just boils down tohaving the right music. I have my fingers crossed.

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