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Whitney’s Two New Videos Put The Focus Back On Her Music

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Whitney's big comeback was plagued with two major hurdles.

1)    Her voice lacked the power it once had.

2)    She needed to address all of the speculation ofdrug abuse over the years.

So after taking months to set up the release for "I Look ToYou," she put her game plan in place.

The week of the album's release, Whitney performed live onGood Morning America to critical reviews.

The following week, she sat down with Oprah and talked indetail about all the haunting rumors.

Both of these instances were risky moves. It was clear thatthe nonbelievers would use these vulnerable moments against her.

But she did not avoid them. She met them head on, and then respondedwith the best weapon she had at her disposal--two classic Whitney videos.

So consider this, after the press dissed her Good MorningAmerica performance, she waited a couple days before releasing the video for "ILook To You." The introspective ballad of faith singularly features Whitney, inan elegant white gown, singing from her heart.

If you believe that Whitney has truly been reformed, youstop holding onto the subpar GMA performance, embrace her, and welcome herback.

Her sit down with Oprah was personal, brutally honest, andintense. She is blessed that she lived to tell those stories.

After days of feeling sad for her, indifferent, ordisappointed, she, again, brought the focus back to her music.

She released another video. This one, "Million Dollar Bill,"was written and produced by Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. It is upbeat anduplifting. It is a classic Whitney performance video. She looks great, and youdon't feel sorry for her watching the clip.

I think that's what she wanted.

Yes. She has been through hell, and has dealt with it, andis still dealing with it.

But we, myself included, need to cut her some slack.

Imagine how you feel when you're going through tough times,and still need to come to work everyday and do a good job.

Whitney makes a cazillion dollars, but she's still human,and her flaws are for all of the world to see.

We can all learn a lesson of perseverance from her becauseshe was willing to open up.

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