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Winehouse’s Husband Admits Introducing Her To Crack

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Amy Winehouse's marriagewasn't just the worst thing to happen to her music. It appears to be the worstthing to happen to her personally.

The controversial singer finallyhas an alibi for being hooked on drugs, and it's a good one. Her husband BlakeFielder-Civil recently admitted to introducing her to hardcore drugs.

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In the U.K.publication News of the World, aremorseful Fielder-Civil takes responsibility for giving his wife crack cocainein addition to other illegal substances. He claims he would divorce her if itcould help save her life.

Us magazinepicked up the News of the Worldreport in which, in my opinion, Fielder-Civil is conveyed as someone lookingfor sympathy.

I appreciate Fielder-Civilfor being man enough to admit his wrong. That's always a good starting point.But I question his being so willing to walk away from the marriage. I believethat people need to clean up their own messes. If he is cognizant enough toacknowledge his role in her demise, he should be just as willing to stick withher through her full recovery. I know the subject of her "Rehab" song is a tiredjoke at this point, but Fielder-Civil's revelation makes a mockery of the hit.

I perceived "Rehab" to betongue-in-cheek, though I could feel Amy's raw emotion. But where was Blakethen? Why wasn't he publically expressing his remorse two years ago, stressingthat his wife's refusal to get some help was much more serious than a marketingploy to sell records?

I have been married for 9years. I don't want to jinx myself by making that type of a hypothetical comparison. But the thought of briningmy wife to such a low and then walking away is troubling? None of the real,dedicated men I know would ever do that to their wives. I am not saying thatmarried couples don't ever face serious problems. What I am saying is to workit out, and that usually means getting help.

If Fielder-Civil is not up tohelping her each step of the way, then she is clearly better without him.Considering his own troubles and recent jail stint for assault and attemptedbribery charges, he apparently needs help himself.

Call it optimistic. Call itfaith. But I don't think that Amy's career has to be over. Of course a lot ofdamage has been done, but she is a talented woman. You have to consider thatdespite all of her trials, she has still succeeded thus far. Can you imaginehow well she could have performed had she been in her right mind state?

There are plenty artists who havelost their lives to drugs. So my concern is that she has the appropriateintervention to turn her life around. Being a celebrity with an active careeris trouble enough. Add to that serious drug problems and around the clocktabloid coverage and the artist is doomed to lose.

The only Psychology classI've taken was Psyc. 101. I'm no Dr. Drew. But it is clear that Amy needs toregroup. She needs to step off of the pressure educed fast track. Music is hermuse, so she should continue to make songs as therapy. She needs some solitudeand the company of those she trusts. She needs Blake, at times, at least forthe exercise of communicating to him her frustrations. She basically needs to detox.

I also think it is a goodtime for her to call up Natalie Cole, who offered to talk to Amy about her owndrug problems. Doctors are always essential to have in the mix, but you can notdevalue the impact of practical experience from someone with whom you canrelate.

Hopefully, she can turnthings around.

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