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Wyclef To Get Hip Hop Steroids Scandal Story Dismissed

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After years of being out of shape, Timbaland gets a trainer, buffs up like 50 Cent and finally builds up the confidence to take his shirt off in one of his videos.

It's too bad that New York's Albany Times Union newspaper ruined Timbaland's set up days earlier when it reported that the superstar producer, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry and Wyclef were among celebrities allegedly using steroids.

Fortunately for Timbaland, the report has a major loophole named Wyclef.

Wyclef don't take this the wrong way. I love the Fugees, your Destiny's Child "No, No, No" remix, The Carnival and both of your new songs with T.I. But I think you would agree that you are not quite as physically fit as Fiddy, Mary and Timbo.

When I heard about the scandal I felt bad.

When I heard Fiddy's name I thought: "Man, Fat Joe has accused 50 of taking steroids. Was he right?"

When I heard Mary's name I sighed: "Dang. I just interviewed her in New York last month and she said her new slim look was a result of drinking lots of water and working out like a maniac. She didn't say anything about steroids?"

When I heard Tim's name I got nervous: "Really. Is that how he turned that keg of a stomach into a six pack?"

But when I heard Wyclef's name, I felt relieved.

I knew that this investigation had to be a hoax.

Though Wyclef has always freely taken off his shirts in music videos and live performances, I haven't noticed any endorsement deals with Bally Total Fitness and Vitamin Water.

There's no way he taking steroids.

And if so, Dr. Gary Brandwein must have prescribed him a placebo.

Please, let's give Timbaland his moment to shine.

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