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Yeezus’s 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Talk to Me

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Kanye West (Photo: TMZ)

Kanye West is a real life Dave Chappelle Show skit.

His latest stunt, a run-in with a hilarious TMZ cameraman, could win the gossip site a Webbie Award next year.

Here’s a tip when watching the video. Pay less attention to Kanye and more to the clever, comical antics of the cameraman, who I would love to follow on Twitter.

Up and coming reporters pay close attention. Notice that the cameraman is always polite and complimentary to the interview subject (Kanye), though he never obliges the “Black Skinhead” rapper’s commandment to “don’t talk to me.”

There are several key funny moments, like when the cameraman pacifies Kanye with “I feel that” when the new father demands “tell everybody never talk to anyone.”

Or when the cameraman pretends that he will adhere to Kanye’s ridiculous request, but continues to follow him, asking even more questions.

I just don’t understand why Kanye is so upset that the cameraman wants to know (what we all want to know): What’s the status on Watch The Throne 2?

Arguably the best part of the 48-second clip is the cameraman’s impressive reflex skills. When Kanye returns for another equipment attack, the camera ducks and dodges quicker than President George W. Bush did when an Iraqi reporter threw a shoe at him during a 2008 press conference. This is great Internet.

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I’ve transcribed the exchange for your enjoyment:

Kanye’s car pulls up to airport curb. He gets out, wearing a gray hoodie, jeans, and white sneakers. He’s talking on the phone.

TMZ: Yo, Yeezus, I’m a big fan, Bro. I love your work. I love your work.

Kanye, takes cell phone from his ear and begins to speak to cameraman.

Kanye: I appreciate it. Kanye grabs camera. I appreciate it, but don’t talk.

TMZ: I love your work, though.

Kanye: I don’t want. But that’s fine, but don’t talk to me. I don’t want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know.

TMZ: I’m a reporter.

Kanye: Then, don’t talk to me at all.

TMZ: I’m a huge fan.

Kanye: And don’t talk to anyone I know at all. And tell everybody never talk to anyone

TMZ: I feel that.

Kanye: that anyone knows.

TMZ: I feel that.

Kanye: Don’t talk to themselves.

TMZ: I feel that.

Kanye: Don’t talk ever again.

TMZ: Hey, I love you though. Hey, I do love you though.

Kanye pushes camera away and walks away. Cameraman follows Kanye and continues to talk to him.

TMZ: Kanye, what about the Throne 2? With Jay-Z? People are pumped.

Kanye: Yo, I said

Kanye, angrily turns around and charges at the cameraman. The camera turns to avoid Kanye’s wrath. A tumble ensues. The camera pans the ceiling before the 48 second clip abruptly ends.

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