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Young Jeezy Raps About Obama

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I consume some of my hip-hip like an anorexic binge eats. Iintake all the beats and rhymes I can load up on my laptop and before they canproperly digest I figuratively drag myself over to my computer's recycle bin to throwup all of the violence, misogyny and dope slanging that just doesn't fit theimage of the phat dude in the mirror.

Non hip-hop lovers wonder how I can listen to some of themost foul and be unaffected.

I shrug. I've been compartmentalizing for, what, 39 yearsnow?

There's one aspect of binging on gangsta rap that justifiesthe high. It's the inadvertent discovery of a poignant message.

I've come to expect hustling lessons from Young Jeezy andtook a listen to The Recessionbecause I dug the Kanye collab "Put On" and thought the album title wasespecially timely and cool. I was just looking for a couple more club bangers,but when I scanned the back of the CD and saw the track called "My President"featuring Nas I smirked. 


(See Jeezy discuss Obama in exclusive clip below.)


The Recessiondidn't have a "You Must Love Me" (Jay-Z, InMy Lifetime, Vol. 1), "Somethin' 2 Live 4" (WC, Ghetto Heisman) or "Freedom Of Preach" (Ludacris, Release Therapy) moment? 

You know the moment. It comes at the end of an otherwiseperfectly good sensationalistic hip-hop record. It's that final song that snapsyou out of the trance with a Spike Lee "Wake Up" urgency.

Considering my fascination with these anchor records, Iwanted to fast forward to the end of the album to see what the Atlanta rapper had to say. But I waited patiently,listening to all of the preceding songs. 

I had a sense that Jeezy wasn't going to go the route thatLudacris did on "Politics As Usual" and attack Obama's opponents. And hedidn't.

While there are still numerous references to rims, the greatwhite and prison, the most salient part of the song is the opening line of the repeatedchorus, "My president is Black." 

It was hard not to feel the hype when listening to this songin September, then still two months before Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States and the first of African American heritage.

It was fitting that Jeezy released the video for this song during the week of Obama's inauguration. Also see him discuss Obama in the above special Yahoo! video intro.

This is just one reason why I've never been too concerned about my listening disorder. Plus, I can stop binge listening whenever I want. 

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