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10 Musical Acts You Associate With Marijuana

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According to the Associated Press, in 2008 "A tour bus carrying hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg was pulled over and two people were arrested on marijuana possession charges a few hours before a concert in Dallas, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety said."

Is it any surprise that a tour bus with Snoop Dogg would yield a few marijuana tokers? It's happened before. While the drug is still illegal in the United States, it has a long history of support in the musical community and there are many musicians who have not exactly hidden their interest from public view. Since they've sung about it, or spoken out about it, we're not "outing" anyone here, but merely noting their presence on the scene.

Bob Dylan once sang "Everybody Must Get Stoned," but he meant getting hit in the head by little rocks! But lots of '60s music and reggae has focused on the subject and a few others as well. Here are some notable highlights.

10) Black Sabbath: "Sweet Leaf" thanks the pot plant for introducing Ozzy Osbourne to his mind, which having observed Ozzy must have been a heckuva moment. He thinks, therefore he what? Woke up? What is it that Ozzy does in his off hours besides run on a treadmill and speak illegibly? Has he written a song about being introduced to his wife? He might want to. He wants to stay on her good side.

9) Pantera: You listen to their music and you might not associate them with such a mellow drug. By their sound, I'd assume they were one heckuva bunch of meth addicts--all agitated and cranky. But they've used artwork that indicates that they had their moments when they turned to the weed for inspiration or at least relaxation. Even metalheads need to take time out.

8) Black Crowes: Chris Robinson has spoken out on the subject of legalizing marijuana and his band plays a pretty wasted vibe on their best cuts, where it sounds like a band trudging through one heckuva mire. Lots of draggy rhythms and deliberately lazy tempos to best conjure up the feeling that one is chemically altered.

7) David Peel And The Lower East Side: He named an album Have A Marijuana and recorded it on the streets of New York City where it sounds like he was panhandling for change--both political and monetary. A heckuva way to make a living, but he caught the ear of John Lennon among others. Don't follow in his example, kids. Stay in school.

6) Dr. Dre: He named an album The Chronic which I'm told is slang for marijuana and my CD came with a big cartoony pot leaf, unless that actually is a tomato plant, like I told my mom. Snoop Dogg, of course, was one of the stars of that album and I'd like to think he was aware of the connection at the time. I don't think he was just some naïve little kid from the neighborhood being corrupted by the evil music industry--though that would make a heckuva cool made-for-TV movie.

5) Cypress Hill: They've stated "I Wanna Get High" and "Dr. Greenthumb" and I've no reason to doubt them. Though they haven't kept in the news much, there was a time when these rappers were hugely popular and kids who listened to them had a heckuva good time doing so. Man, I'm liking the word "heckuva." You should try it, too. (The word, that is).

4) Cheech And Chong: Yes, they were comedians and film stars, but they also cut some music here and there and it's one, yes, heckuva listen! I sure can't get enough of it and now I read they're on the comeback trail. Is their audience still alive? Or did they go on to indulge in harder stuff and disappear mysteriously?

3) Willie Nelson: Willie Nelson is old enough to be your grandpa. In fact, to many of us he is our honorary grandpa. He's so gentle and mild and sings so sweet. Why would anyone hassle Willie? (Well, the IRS wanted him to pay taxes at one point. That takes a heckuva lot of nerve!) Everyone knows that you get on Willie's bus and time passes slowly.

2) Bob Marley: Just about anybody from Reggae Nation sings about their love for this weed. But no one did it more popularly than Bob Marley whose performance with Peter Tosh of "Legalize It" is one heckuva anthem for kids in college dorms everywhere to get together and listen to. And then inhale on oregano since getting kicked out of school doesn't look good on your resume. 


1) Grateful Dead: Are you kidding? What parent sent their kids to a Grateful Dead concert and expected them to sit through it straight? Not my child! Ok, pops, and when free market capitalists get together, they "share" with one another. Understand what you're getting into here. These were hippies! They lived in hovels that if they'd been straight they would've noticed needed one heckuva scrub down. They even had a guy they called Pigpen!

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