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2001 Albums That Charted in 2001

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I'm compiling two different kinds of lists for 2001. Thisone contains a list of albums that charted during 2001, while the other listwill be a lot of other stuff that fewer people bought.

Chances are you have one or two or three of these in yourown collection. If not, you must be one of my regular readers!

Here are 25 for ya!

25) The Beatles - 1: Everytime the Beatles release their music, the public goesnuts and buys it. Does this mean their fans keep throwing their Beatles albumsout? Or are they burning them in parking lots and then feeling remorse? Mostlikely, people are growing new ones all the time. (Released in 2000).

24) Backstreet Boys -Black & Blue: As a guy and an adult in 2001, I wasn't exactly the targetaudience for this stuff. I mean, if I actually liked it, their managers andproducers would likely be very disturbed that they missed the mark and engagedthe wrong crowd. "What do you mean we sold all our records to old white guys?"(Released in 2000).

23) Shaggy - Hotshot: Seems like every generation needs a token reggae artist tolike. It's not like most people are going to go out and immerse themselves inthe stuff, after all. But that Bob Marley album was sure gettinglonely!(Released in 2000).

22) Limp Bizkit -Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water: From the crap title to the general lack of charisma of theirfrontman, Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit ensured that I, and many others, would turnaway from mainstream hard rock bands in disgust. (Released in 2000).

21) Linkin Park -Hybrid Theory: As a fan of Motorhead, I really resent these bands who seemto be on a mission to alienate anyone who once loved hard rock. I didn't leavethe hard rock party, it left me! (Released in 2000).

20) Janet Jackson -All For You: Millions of people love to dance, enough to debut this albumat #1. I'm not one of them. I sit in the corner and drink. (Released in 2001).

19) Alicia Keys -Songs In A Minor: Alicia Keys' debut album debuted at #1 on the Billboardcharts, making you wonder, if you're a musician, how you could pull off such afeat. It helps if your label president writes to Oprah! (Released in 2001).

18) Jennifer Lopez -J.Lo: Yet another album that debuted at #1. People really love actorswho become musicians. Just don't start buying those records by the Real Housewives, please. (Released in2001).

17) Britney Spears - Britney: The United States was still shell-shocked in November2001, enough that its citizens ran out and bought this album so it, too, coulddebut at #1 on the pop charts. It's important to make a statement! (Released in2001).

16) Creed -Weathered: I find it interesting that Creed are one of those bands thatare the butt of so many jokes and everyone I know hates them. Yet, this albumdebuted at #1 and spent eight weeks there. OK, so who bought it and are youwilling to go on the record? (Released in 2001).

15) Aaliyah -Aaliyah: Her third album was doing just fine, but sales went throughthe proverbial roof the week after she died. We call this the "Van GoghEffect." (Released in 2001).

14) Maxwell - Now: His third studio album was also his first to reach #1. Italso took him eight years to release the follow-up, BLACKsummers'night. Timing is everything. (Released in 2001).

13) *NSYNC -Celebrity: I'd be interested to know how many people still buy thisalbum. How much of a shelf-life does a pop group have? Do people still think ofthis album fondly? Or is it like an old David Cassidy album, where you giggle alittle and never play it. (Released in 2001).

12) Tool - Lateralus: Apparently this album is ranked at #123 on the Rock and RollHall of Fame's "Definitive List," making me wonder who they hired as listmaker.(Released in 2001).

11) D12 - Devil'sNight: Detroithip-hop group whose album was "executive produced" by Eminem and features theEminem track "Girls" hidden at the end. Especially good, since Eminem doesn'tlike Limp Bizkit either! (Released in 2001).

10) Staind - BreakThe Cycle: It's my opinion that 9/11 or no 9/11 music was on a path toget really crappy. And it's succeeded! (Released in 2001).

9) System of a Down -Toxicity: Released a week before 9/11, Toxicity has made many "Greatest" and "Best" lists.   The RollingStone review that says their singer "veers easily from sing-rap rhythm toKorn-ish hysterics" gives me an idea how I missed it. No veering allowed!(Released in 2001).

8) Michael Jackson -Invincible: Released after 9/11, Invinciblewas Jackson'sfinal studio album while alive. It took nearly four years to complete but takesless than 90 minutes to listen to! (Released in 2001).

7) Garth Brooks -Scarecrow: I've never really understood how any musician could"retire." Brooks, apparently, woke up in the late 2000s and wondered what theheck he was doing and got back to work. Quitting to raise a family? Proof thatperformers who sell more than 200 million records are not the same as you andme. (Released in 2001).

6) DMX - The GreatDepression: New Yorkrapper's fourth album contained three three-word singles, "Who We Be," "WeRight Here" and "I Miss You." He has since gone on to releasing numerousgreatest hits albums. (Released in 2001).

5) Various Artists -God Bless America(November 3) Columbia Records released this album with a "substantialportion of the proceeds" being donated to the Twin Towers Fund. If there'sanyone who's a fan of Celine Dion, Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, Bob Dylan,Lee Greenwood and Pete Seeger, whywhat broad tastes you have! (Released in 2001).

4) Destiny's Child -Survivor: The title refers neither to the TV show or the 9-11 attacks.This is considered the album where Beyonce takes over. She waited long enough.(Released in 2001).

3) Dave Matthews Band- Everyday: This album came out at the beginning of 2001 when we had noidea what was in store for us. All the songs were written by Dave and AlanisMorissette's old collaborator Glen Ballard. Personally, I would never join aband named after someone else.   (Releasedin 2001).

2) Blink-182 - TakeOff Your Pants and Jacket: Who cares what the music sounds like? As long as they'recalling for a world without pants, they're alright by me. (Released in 2001).

1) Jay-Z - TheBlueprint: Before The Blueprint 2and The Blueprint 3 came The Blueprint. Best noted for existingbefore Jay-Z had enough money to buy the Earth. (Released on September 11,2001)

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