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Five Great Winter Songs

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As you've may have gathered by my surly, annoyed mood, I'm not a fan of light deprivation. And I hate snow. The only thing cold worth mentioning is Ice Cream and it's best eaten when it's really hot and sweaty out. I've never wanted to live in an igloo. Though I enjoy books and movies about Alaska, I have no intention of moving there, even if the Witness Protection Program insists. I am Pro-Global warming. Call me callous and unfeeling but I don't care what happens to the Polar Bears. I'd move to the islands, but I'm allergic to reggae.

But this is a column that sets out to celebrate whatever comes its way and if it should be winter, well, then, by all means, let us celebrate winter. In truth, as bad as the season is, it inspires some pretty good songs.

"Winter"--The Rolling Stones: The Rolling Stones didn't get to the top of the entertainment pile by ignoring their seasonal duties. Mick Jagger couldn't have been more right when he sang, "Sure been a long cold winter." He knows it. He's been there. He also observes that summer will probably be long and hot. It's truth-tellers like Sir Mick who get the job done.

"Winter Time"--Steve Miller Band: Just in case you didn't fully get it, Steve Miller adds wind sounds to this track to make the sound even colder. Back in the 1970s Miller sold millions of records because he made a ton of songs that all sounded exactly alike and if you liked one of them, you were guaranteed to like them all. Kind of like Bruce Springsteen, but different.

"Wintertime Love"--The Doors: Everyone talks about what a deep guy Jim Morrison was, you know, lord of darkness, the Lizard King who can do anything, Mr. Mojo Risin', Mr. Poetman, Mr. I'm-So-Sensitive-I'm-going-to-go-die­-in-Paris-just-to-prove-my-point. But the dude could also croon a waltz and what better snow-globe anthem can you think of than this one? The fact that he paired it up with a tune called "Summer's Almost Gone," proves he wasn't just a singer in a rock 'n' roll band, but a true visionary. They should make a movie about this guy!

"Hazy Shade Of Winter"--Simon and Garfunkel: It was nice of these guys to write this song for the Bangles who would need two decades to grow up enough to cover it. But Paul Simon has always been known for being a slow, methodical kind of guy. That's how he's landed on the covers of magazines and book jackets and album covers despite not being the most photogenic guy. These days it takes a Pete Yorn to snag a magazine cover. And he doesn't even sell any records!

"Winter Song"--Angel: When you're in the presence of true genius, you stop and reflect on your own shortcomings. If I had more hair...if I had hair...if I could grow a foot...if I could land one of those fancy five-figure jobs...then you hear the opening lines to this legendary song by the classic rock warriors Angel: "Winter is here. It's the coldest time of year. There's snow everywhere in sight, falling on this winter night." When you get to the part where the "angels join the choir" and "take the music higher," you know the music business will last forever.

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