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Five Guys Who Could Join The E Street Band

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For many years, the E Street Band has earned the distinction of being rock's most crowded band. Every night, a guy with a clipboard comes out before the curtain is drawn and takes a roll call to make sure everyone is accounted for. Not only does next to no one get fired but every few years Bruce adds a new member or takes back an old one. Somewhere Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez is dreaming of his eventual score. Union rules dictate that every band member be used to their full capabilities. Or else fines will be levied.

Here are five wonderful folks who deserve to be added to the 'E' Street Band.

Darryl Jones: Face it, Darryl, you're never going to be a Rolling Stone. They'll let you play bass on the records. They'll let you tour with them. You can collect Keith Richards's fingernails and maybe they'll toss you a beer here and there. But if you want to make any real money, you have to join a respectable organization. What band needs two bass player, you ask? The same band that currently has FOUR guitar players. And you can't beat the insurance benefits.

Chuck Leavell: He's played with the Stones, the Allmans, the Marshall Tucker Band and the Black Crowes among many clients.  So, in a band that already has two guys tickling the ivories, what's one more guy sitting on a bench adding fancy riffs? I'm sure he wouldn't even mind if they hid him behind an amp. It's probably less annoying that way.

Jim O'Rourke: He played with Sonic Youth and they didn't sound any different, so he knows how to make his presence NOT felt.  He'd lower the average age of the band by a few months, giving them that necessary shot of youth. And he's a "multi-instrumentalist" who could pick up for whomever needs to take a pissbreak during "Jungleland."

Rindy Ross from Quarterflash: She came over from Seafood Mama to front Portland, Oregon's Quarterflash, who in the early '80s were never confused with Public Image Limited, let's say that. But Rindy played sax and surely when rock fans voted for "Best Sax Player" in those year end magazine polls, or better yet "Best Jazz Musician," Rindy surely got more votes than guys who didn't play the sax. Clemons might forever be the sentimental fave, but we've got a solid understudy with Rindy.

Brendan O'Brien: He's already producing their records and telling them what to do anyhow. Be nice to the wife and you're in!

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