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Five Ice Cream Songs

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During my last venture outside a few weeks ago, I noted it was still summer, which means it's still plenty warm and sales of wool coats and down comforters aren't what they used to be. But Ice Cream sales are booming. People love the ice cream. And I can't say I blame them. Back when I could eat solid food, it was one of the pleasures I enjoyed immensely. Such are memories! (And why God makes chocolate shakes!)

And there's no better way to be reminded of life's simple joys than with the exultations of song! So we now pause to praise the five finest songs that celebrate Ice Cream and its wonderfully sweet, creamy magic.

Jefferson Airplane--"Ice Cream Phoenix": I have no idea what an Ice Cream Phoenix is and I don't see any connection whatsoever between the much loved dessert and this song, but before the group splintered into Jefferson Starship and eventually Starship, building cities on rock n' roll, they played this annoyingly loud music that still sounds really good when you're too tired to do anything else. And for this, they make this list. (So, aspiring bands, consider putting the words "Ice Cream" into your next masterpiece. It could pay off someday!)

Van Halen--"Ice Cream Man": Tom Waits and Jonathan Richman also have songs with the same name, but this old blues tune being played by the Van Halen brothers, Michael and Dave makes for a better photo opportunity, especially considering that ¾ of the group have decided to reunite for our benefit and are therefore in the news again. Besides, they don't let ice cream hog all the glory. Props are given to lemonade. And David Lee Roth does manage to make the song more about him somehow. Imagine that!

Love--"The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This": Love were this group of misfits from Los Angeles who people in Cincinnati really like. Led by Arthur Lee, they recorded songs about snot caking against their pants, residential real estate being improperly classified as commercial property ("A House is NOT a Motel") and this wonderful tribute to Ice Cream salesmen. All of which can be heard on their 1967 album Forever Changes, an album provably better than the collected works of Papa Roach, I assure you.

NRBQ--"I Love Air Conditioning": "And when I'm tired and HOT, I stop at the Ho-Jo's and get some ice cream," sings the very excited singer of this song, who also praises the virtues of air conditioning. I would've done an entire column on the five best songs about air conditioning, except after this one, I didn't find any others. I'm not saying they aren't out there. And if they are, by all means, let me know. The world has enough songs about "broken hearts" and how the world isn't fair because SHE won't talk to you, we need more about useful appliances.

Captain Beefheart--"Ice Cream For Crow": No one made better dance music in his prime than Captain Beefheart. Crowds the world over flocked to the dance floor to try out their latest moves to the great man's tumultuous rhythms. However, while "Ice Cream For Crow" certainly made a massive impact on popular culture in 1982 alongside Michael Jackson's Thriller, it wasn't enough for the Captain to continue and he took his toys and went home, preferring to paint his pictures in the desert and never record another note of music. Michael Jackson, sadly, did not follow suit.

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