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Five More Classic Songs Expanded For Better Understanding

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Nothing is more important in this world than human understanding. We must strive to make sure that each of us better comprehends what we are saying to one another. Communication should be at the forefront of any new society. There is no better way to reach "young people" than with popular song. Classic rock radio has made sure that we as a collective mass of humanity have all heard the same 500 songs ten million times. It's time to think closer about what these songs mean and what they are really saying to us.

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Kiss, "Rock n' Roll All Night": I wanna rock n' roll all night and party everyday but the toll such carousing takes is impossible to maintain for long since the body requires rest and while vitamins and energy drinks can help me endure beyond my expected endurance level, it does not allow me to do this for nights on end, no matter how much of a party animal I may see myself as.

The Beatles, "All You Need is Love": All you need is love, a good education, some money in the bank, preferably held in an interest-bearing account as inflation often takes a large chunk out of such savings over time making it less valuable than when you first saved it.

The Who, "My Generation": People try to put us down because it's so much easier to put other people down than to reflect on yourself and look at your shortcomings and admit that maybe you haven't always handled things to the best of your ability.

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Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit": I feel stupid and contagious, which is to say that sometimes I just randomly say stuff off the top of my head because it seems to better reflect the person I am than what I am literally thinking and sometimes I think that others feel the same way and this general sense of frustration seems to be the one thing that draws us to each other and sadly may be the strongest part of our relationship.

Pink Floyd, "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2": We don't need no education. And we deliberately used a double negative just to annoy you and bring home the point that we are proud of our indifference to the rules that you as an adult society have put upon us at such an early age. We will not obey your suggestions or demands to behave in a manner than you consider acceptable. We, the children, will determine our needs and we will determine our future, regardless of how you think we should.

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