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Five Musical Orphans

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November is Adoption Awareness Month. And with that we salute musicians (and one kid that's always in the news) who have made their adoptive parents proud. As someone who routinely disappointed his real parents, I stand in awe. In a world where "You're not the boss of me" is standard rhetoric, imagine trying to raise these little scamps who are not your own devil spawn, but a mystery of nature and nurture. If they turn out successful, you can take credit. If they turn out to be ax-murderers, you blame the system.

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Liz Phair: This is the way to do it. You get adopted by people who can raise your social standing and lead more interesting lives than you would've had otherwise. Her dad was a doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and her mom was an art professor. You mean I get to hang around smart people all day instead of a bunch of kids who eat their own boogers? Awesome.

Faith Hill: Even weirder here is the idea that she married Tim McGraw who was also adopted. It's like these people find each other and form a secret society.

Darryl McDaniels: Poor guy--known to most of us as DMC--didn't even know he was adopted until he was 35 and decided to write his autobiography with someone. That's when he asked his mom about all the stuff he didn't remember and she confessed that he wasn't who he thought he was. Well, he was, but just not exactly. And then he did what all these once famous people do, he made a TV show about it.

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Sarah McLachlan: She's duetted with DMC, making this "secret society" less secret and a true powerbroker. Makes you wonder what the real motives of the Lilith Fair were? Hmmn. She was really lucky. She got adopted by a family with a piano in their house. Pianos are big and expensive. Most kids get stuck with a flute-a-phone.

Nicole Richie: Does she sing? Does she need to? Is there a calendar? Does she also pretend to like her dad's music?

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