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Five October Songs

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Wow. I thought musicians had an attitude towards September. Nothing prepared me for the hostility towards October. Yes, it's the name of an early U2 album, before Bono bought the World Bank. Yes, October Faction were a horrible instrumental group featuring the tone-deaf members of Black Flag, Universal Congress of..., the Descendents and Tom Troccoli's Dog. And if this isn't shaping up to be an illustrious list of nothing in particular, then wait till you see what I stuck us with for the five "best" songs about October. It's like a giant barrel of suck, I tell ya.

"October Song"--Amy Winehouse: Before she became everyone's favorite freaky absentee singer, she made records. One was made back in 2003 when no one was paying attention. She called it Frank and it's being reissued this year.  And on it, she put this song, "October Song," which is listed as being 11 minutes long. You think she falls asleep midway through? Someone write in and tell me what happens. I might have to go out and buy me a stereo!

"October Song"--Incredible String Band: One of the many rewarding aspects of writing this blog is when readers invite me to their homes for a warm meal. Another one is hearing from so many concerned Incredible String Band fans who think I've been purposefully shorting the group. Sure ISB were sorta like the Fall Out Boy of their day. And the overwhelming renaissance ISB have been experiencing over the past few months must mean they've got a song on television somewhere. Their first album included this tune, which doesn't seem to be same song that Bif Naked or Amy Winehouse later recorded with the same name.

"October Moon"--George Winston: I know people who get so angry over this guy you'd think he ran over their dog. Maybe he did. I think I bought an old coat from him. For our purposes, he's recorded plenty of seasonal and weather-related music. So much so that he may be coming back to this column many times over. The man knows how to write songs about months! And on some collection of his complete works, he's got not one, not two, not three, but FOUR tunes that include the word "October." Oh, mama! And they all come with a neat colon ( : ), as in "October: Moon," "October: Road," "October: Sea," "October: Stars." Now don't go and ruin it and tell me his stuff stinks! Not with this much potential it doesn't!

"October Road"--James Taylor: He opened this album with a cover song called "September Grass" and followed it with his original "October Road," which he also used for the title. So Sweet Baby James is alright by me, even if I haven't listened to one of his records since, uh, Sweet Baby James? I've been meaning to listen, though. I mean, how can you resist an album called Dad Loves His Work? Or that one-off collaboration he did with the guys in Skrewdriver? And he used to kiss on Carly Simon! Now that's weird!

"This October"--The Four Freshman: One of the more rewarding aspects of writing List of the Day is having life transformed from being a series of meaningless events into something that might make it into this blog! So, while researching the 450 acts who've recorded a version of "Autumn Leaves," I came across these "Emo-Harmonizers" who are likely to be the "Next Big Thing" if the "Toro 2007 Lawn Mower Challenge" takes off the way I see it happening. This music inspires you to mow lawns, rake leaves, carry groceries for old ladies and join pointless civic organizations. Together, we can accomplish anything. Even a new stop light in town! Right on!

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