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Five Songs For Delaware

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When it comes to inspiring songs, Delaware may be our winner. For all the tributes to California and New York, the cowboy dreams of the American West, even Bruce Springsteen's love for New Jersey, nothing compares to what I've found for Delaware. A state mostly known for having no sales tax gets its due in the weirdest of ways.

"Delaware Is Depressing"--By The End Of Tonight: Their bio says they're a metal-punk instrumental four piece out of Alvin, Texas, so why they decided to perform a song that would practically guarantee them no welcome returns to a state that might pay to hear them play is beyond me. It'd be one thing if they had something to say. But since no one can decipher guitar noodling into any significant wordage, shouldn't they have opted for something like "Delaware Rocks" or "When We Come Through Delaware." Who cares if you had a lousy time in Delaware? Letting its residents know you think it's dullsville isn't going to get anyone to come out to your shows. Unless it's to protest your being there. Which, come to think of it, might be more of a stir than an instrumental group from Texas usually generates.

"Hello, I'm In Delaware"-- City And Colour: City And Colour is the acoustic solo project of Dallas Green, the singer-guitarist for Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. Is it me or are band names getting more confusing. By The End Of Tonight struck me as a phrase, not a name, and now City And Colour is a solo project? I'm old fashioned. I like a band to be The Something, The Anything. Use THE. And solo projects should be your name! Dallas Green presents....where did people go so wrong?

"What Did Delaware?"-- Children's Chorus Of Greater Dallas: I remember this joke. What did Della Wear to the Party?  Her New Jersey! Humor used to be so high class and now it's nothing but fart jokes. What's more amazing about this tune is how it crosses over all regional lines. It's been recorded by the aforementioned Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas, the Kids Club Singers, the St. John's Children's Choir and the Chinook Middle School Choir. Which version is the definitive version remains to be seen. But have fun finding out.

"Hot Time In Delaware"-- Saves The Day: Another band with a phrase for a band name and these guys are from Princeton, New Jersey where people are very educated and have no reason to dangle modifiers or split infinitives or disrupt subject to verb agreements. Yet they persist. Sentence fragments everywhere. And these guys were such people pleasers, too!  Look at that "Hot Time In Delaware." Delaware wasn't depressing to these guys. No, they didn't wait for the party to come to them. They made their own party. That's what's called PRO-ACTIVE. These boys have a future in direct mail advertisements. I can feel it.

"Welcome to Delaware"-Watermark: This tune was written by Nathan and Christy Nockels. They first called their little duo Watershed but then in a moment of divine inspiration (they're a Christian Contemporary singing duo, so all inspiration is divine by nature) changed the name to Watermark and success beckoned! They've since retired. They're not even old! Who does this? Anyhow, their Sony Records debut includes this song that from my extremely limited knowledge (and limited ability to process knowledge) was not commissioned by the Delaware Department of Commerce--though the Commerce Department is known to also work in mysterious ways.

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