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Five Songs For Louisiana

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I didn't want this to turn into a list about New Orleans or Hurricane Katrina. There will be time for that. Louisiana is more than just one city. It is a vast state of many notable achievements. First, it's next to Texas. It also neighbors Mississippi. In a sense, it is the New Jersey of the south. With less traffic and fewer highways. And completely different weather and terrain. Hmmn, maybe it isn't like New Jersey at all.

"Love is Free"--Sheryl Crow: OK, so I lied. The first song I pick is this incredibly catchy Sheryl Crow single since I wake up to it most "mornings" because that's what the radio DJ thinks I should be waking up to. And it is the perfect 2 in the afternoon song! A song about how people can come together when the government refuses to and take a sad situation and make it into something positive, something that could possibly sell cars if the lyrics were a little different.

"Louisiana 1927--Randy Newman: Yeah, it's like a conspiracy folks. Just making sure Randy gets mentioned six, seven times a month. He still isn't paying me, but he will. I just know it. He wrote this tune for a concept album about the south, a land that he lived in for awhile before his family wised up and moved to California where there was gold in them hills. Or at least people in showbiz who could work miracles and make Randy a star.  And considering what Randy Newman looks like, I now believe in miracles. Calabasas, here I come.

"Louisiana"--The Church: I've never really considered the Church to be much of a southern rock band. Probably because they aren't. So what possessed them to perform a song called "Louisiana?" Probably the same inner genius that gave them the idea of naming the album Hologram Of Baal. Now, if that doesn't sell records, what will?

"Louisiana Blues"--The Animals: I'm told Muddy Waters wrote this song. But like most kids today, I've learned about Muddy indirectly--through constant exposure by the British beat groups that dominate the record charts. Granted, it's been awhile since the Animals have been wildly popular, but some of them are still alive, so the chance of a sudden resurgence is possible. Maybe even likely. After all, people love Animals, so why not The Animals. They're big in Ohio.

"Louisiana Man"--Doug Kershaw: The way to know a song really has staying power is to see how many other people have covered it. This one: Lonnie Donegan, Dave Edmunds, Bobbie Gentry and Jerry Lee Lewis. OK, so it's an old people's club, but don't be surprised if Miley Cyrus doesn't get just a little curious and pull out her own cover when she goes to make that "critically respected" album that all her fans will automatically hate. They won't like her Cat Power covers either. To which we won't blame them.

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