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Five Wolf-Inspired Acts

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Ah geez. Just when you thought it was safe. Remember kids, it's Wolf Awareness Week, October 17-23. Bring a wolf to school and win a free lunch, I suppose.

Have I mentioned how not into this animal I am? My brother-in-law is an absolute Wolf Nut. He's got a collection of Wolf paraphernalia that honestly freaks me out. He's got hats, sweaters, t-shirts, baseball caps, throw rugs, blankets, tents, coffee mugs, curtains. The guy is obsessed! But we always know what to buy him for his birthday!

And since he collects all things Wolf-related, I went into his CD collection and found his favorite Wolf albums. As you can tell, he's like me in this regard. We would both rather look at music than listen to it.

The Naked Brothers Band: At first I just thought he'd lost his mind. Then he explained that the Naked Brothers Band is the work of two brothers, Nat and Alex Wolff. Ah, henceforth, he must own this. In a few years if it isn't a collector's item, he might break the shrinkwrap and listen to it. What that will accomplish escapes me.

Howlin' Wolf: This guy died. But when he was alive, he was one scary bluesman, a big man with an even bigger voice. These days they wouldn't let a guy like this near a microphone. He'd be canned in the first round of whatever the talent show. They'd say he's too loud, too raw, too imperfect, too in need of singing lessons. They'd have a point except for one small thing, they're wrong!

Wolfmother: These guys sing about "woman" and I love when bands sing about "woman," especially when they use the word "woman." There's something inherently sleazy and creepy when young guys with too much hair do these things.

Wolf Eyes: I'm told these guys make noise rock. Since I look at music rather than listen to it, this is fine by me. The more noise the better because it usually means better pictures. Guys who aren't concerned with hitting the right chord can concern themselves with looking cool for the camera. And that, after all, is what rock n' roll is all about.

Guitar Wolf: A Japanese punk trio who once called an album Kung Fu Ramone, Guitar Wolf amazed audiences with their ability to obtain visas and travel the U.S. without being hassled by the man. We've got like 10,000 punk rock bands in America, but we still have to import them from other countries if we want it to be any good? Jeez, someone fix the music education system in this country already. Can we send Kenny G to Japan? Or have we already? If so, do they like him? If so, tell the fine people of Japan they can keep him. On us. Really.

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