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The Hot Summer Albums of 2013

List Of The Day

Mark my words, there will be a surprise summer hit that defines 2013, but even our high-end crystal balls here at Y! Music can't get much more than a cloud over what it will be. I guess that's why they call it a surprise hit. But we do have lists upon lists of new albums that are surfacing and which are likely to be the big movers of the summer. Some have already been issued while others still have no firm date other than a blanket "summer release." What music you prefer will determine, of course, what music you likely bump into all June through August. Unless you're a Kenny Chesney fan who has a soft spot for Iggy Pop and Miley Cyrus!

I'm going in roughly chronological order here:

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Bon Jovi, What About Now

Arena rock is getting in shorter supply these days, at least until Steve Perry and Journey and Lou Gramm and Foreigner make amends. Need a reason to flick your cellphone these days in your own bedroom? Here it is. If they don't write choruses that make everyone sing then demand your money back! (March)

David Bowie, The Next Day

Most other old rockers sound like diminished versions of themselves, but Bowie sounds as talented and as present as he was back in the 1970s. Maybe it was the filters on his cigarettes or just more lucky genetics for a guy already beating the rest of us hands-down for decades, but Bowie is back like everything's hunky dory! (March)

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Lil Wayne, I Am Not a Human Being II

Hopefully, the "purple drank" won't slow him down too much. What would we all do if Lil Wayne wasn't at full force when he tells us "Bitches Love Me." That has to be stated with serious aplomb or else the whole shebang collapses. (March)

Depeche Mode, Delta Machine

They're louder and darker than ever. Reviews already either call the album their best yet or a completely trivial waste of time. Well, my ears told me today DM were breaking new ground within their own synthetic subset. Three Gahan-written tracks nicely slip between the Martin Gore tunes, so get your Goth on, people! Black, it's the new Black! (March)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mosquito

Bring me the head of Karen O! Hello Karen O! Meet Rob O! Together we'll prove that indie rock never dies or loses its abrasive powers. You by making this fine new album and me by listening to it at large volumes my doctor swears is the reason I can't hear a thing people say to me in a normal room under normal listening conditions! LOUD!!! (April)

Fall Out Boy, Save Rock ‘n’ Roll

The title has the right idea. I'm just not convinced these fallen-out boys are the ones up to the job. Will they really let it loose? Most bands have the "rock" aspect of the job down. It's the "roll" angle that usually never makes it out of the studio. Hope someone brings them a big wheel! (April)

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The Flaming Lips, The Terror

Wayne Coyne is one of the few musicians who always surprises you. Even when he messes up, he does so with great style and ambition. He doesn't think small. Already one review called it "brave, difficult and experimental," so it must be short on Black Oak Arkansas-like boogies. Get ready to get experienced! (April)

Michael Bublé, To Be Loved

I don't think anyone will call the new Michael Bublé album "brave, difficult and experimental," but folks who enjoy an evening of Mr. Bublé aren't likely looking forward to coming home and washing the vomit out of their clothes. They're looking to pro-create! And Bublé makes no secret that he wants to be the soundtrack to your romantic life. "You Make Me Feel So Young" could be just the right song for an anti-aging cream commercial! (April)

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., #willpower

I guess the hashtag is still cutting edge. Never one to do all the lifting himself, enlists the help of Chris Brown, Nicole Scherzinger, Eva Simons, Juicy J, Miley Cyrus, Skylar Grey, K-pop stars 2NE1 and fellow Blackeyed Pea Current singles have Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka Flame, Hit-Boy and Diddy cleaning up. This isn't an album. It's a guest list! (April)

Rob Zombie, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor

Said to include a cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An American Band," the fifth solo album by Robert Zombie is being released just days after his film The Lords Of Salem is also sent to market. Will John 5 take the guitar to new heights? Will new drummer Ginger Fish bulldoze the competition? One thing's for certain: the artwork and design will rock! (April)

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Phoenix, Bankrupt!

A seven-minute title track that's said to dance towards New Romantic territory should give fans a chance to settle in before the band's so-called "psychedelic blend" reaches full speed on an album said to have been mixed on the console used for Michael Jackson's Thriller. I dunno, can they "Beat It"? (April)

Kenny Chesney, Life on a Rock

With a full ten-song helping inspired by island living at its finest at his ready, this rural West Tennessee kid continues to find ways to love life that would make Jimmy Buffett blush. It's about to be "5 O'Clock Somewhere" again! (April)

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Iggy & the Stooges, Ready to Die

The album will mark the first time Pop has worked with guitarist James Williamson and drummer Scott Asheton since the essentially essential punk rock holy-grail of Raw Power! Mike Watt covers the late Ron Asheton's bass duties and surely this version of the Stooges will receive a better greeting than they did the first time around when people ignored them. (April)

Lady Antebellum, Golden

Kenny Chesney may have competition for the mellow magic of sunshine and carefree days if the advance hype on Golden, Lady Antebellum's fourth studio album, turns out to be true. Heavy Mellow may be a new genre before we know it! (April)

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Daft Punk, Random Access Memories

Why does it take two people eight years to follow-up an album? I dunno. You ask them. However, reports are now showing that Daft Punk's fourth studio album will be coming in late May and sources tell us that Giorgio Moroder, Gonzales and Animal Collective's Panda Bear are among the collaborators! Now that's daft! Ain't it, punk? (May)

Patty Griffin, American Kid

As an superstar who's written some of the finest songs of the modern age, Patty Griffin can pretty much throw-up in a bag and still make beautiful music. This time out she has the North Mississippi All-Stars playing without their amps and she even snagged Robert Plant, whose Band of Joy she's been palling around with for the past couple years. If you want to know what love is, give a listen to Patty Griffin! (May)

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Rod Stewart, Time

Does Rod Stewart still know how to rock? Does he care to? After years of singing "classic" songs for the well-heeled crowds at retirement villages, Rod re-found his songwriting muse around the time he began writing his memoirs. Now, he has written 11 of the 12 tunes slated for the new non-iTunes version of the album. Three bonus cuts go to the iTunes deluxe edition. Will it be Welcome Back? Or WTF? (May)

Natalie Maines, Mother

The Dixie Chicks star releases her first solo album ten years after being blacklisted by country music radio for saying not nice things about then President George W. Bush. The Chicks had a Grammy-approved comeback album in 2006, but now Maines has gone a little bit rock 'n' roll, with covers of Pink Floyd's "Mother," Jeff Buckley's "Lover, You Should've Come Over" and Patty Griffin's "Silver Bell" among the tunes slated for release. (May)

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Beyoncé, Mrs. Carter

There are rumors on top of rumors and by the time this is published there will be more and some will be true, but the ones speaking about a possible collaboration with Rihanna ("Dance (It's Soon Over)") have the most anticipatory juices flowing. Rihanna is managed by Jay-Z's record label and Beyoncé is on even closer terms, of course, with Mr. Jay-Z. Other names like Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Sia and Solange Knowles keep things interesting. It's nice to see her paying tribute, though, to 85-year-old Rosalind Carter, the woman who put lust in her husband's heart! (TBD)

Miley Cyrus, TBD

She told the world or someone "My new music is gonna shut everybody up." OK! Industry reports say she's booked time with hip-hop producers Pharrell Williams, Hit-Boy and Da Internz and Billboard learned Dr. Luke will be among the album's collaborators for an RCA record release. Whatever happens, it's not going to be the Miley Cyrus from 2010's Can't Be Tamed. Contractions are over! (TBD)

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Katy Perry, TBD

Perry is a huge star but it's mostly hinged on 2010's Teenage Dream, which means she needs a follow-up and it can't be a sophomore slump. Otherwise, it's back to picking cotton or doing bogus reality shows for a few years before the "comeback." (TBD)

Mariah Carey, TBD

"American Idol" TV can't keep Mariah forever from doing what she likes to do most, which is singing those ballads, and she swears her new album will have more than we expect. But Hit-Boy, The-Dream, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, Big Jim Wright, and Rodney Jenkins all may have other ideas. They're among the names said to be working on this project with her. I sure hope they film the sleepover! (July 23)

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Jennifer Hudson, TBD

Will this happen in 2013? Rumors are swirling (because that's what rumors do, they swirl) that Ms. Hudson is back in the studio working on her new album with as many as eight songs put down. However, big name artists often take a long time to determine what qualifies as up to their standards and yet things have a way of speeding up near completion. So, who knows? Let's just wish! Update: Hudson tweeted in June that she "sang herself tired" in the studio working on her third album! (TBD)

Eminem, TBD

It's been three years since Recovery and Em is headlining the Leeds and Reading Festivals in the U.K. in August for a little anarchy there, so surely he and Dr. Dre have something planned for us at some point. You can't remix your entire life forever! Update: According to Dre (in case you forgot about him) said in March that Em is close to finishing his new album. (TBD)

Lady Gaga, ARTPOP

Said to have written 50 songs for this album that has been announced for what seems like years, Lady G is said to be preparing a multimedia event that will include films and Gaga-inspired games! Who says Art is Dead? (TBD)

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