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Jim Morrison: Still Dead After Forty Years!

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In hopes of paying tribute to Jim Morrison and explaining him to a new generation of fans, I've decided to interview myself on this fine subject.

10) Was He A Poet?: Excellent question. Well, sure. Why not? Jim loved words. Rhyming "fire" and "mire' isn't all that great, but that "actor out on loan" stuff was killer! "Horse Latitudes"? C'mon, who hasn't been in "mute nostril agony"? Huh? Don't let me decide for you. Purchase a copy of The Lords and the New Creatures and see for yourself! It's one of the best-selling volumes of poetry ever! Right up there with The Prophet and books by Jewel!

9) Did He Expose His Crawling King Snake?: Another great question! The official answer is no, he did not expose himself. However, Y! Music has eye-witness accounts from people who attended that show in Miami and they say he showed it off. Now, was it a Mojo Risin'? That's what we need to find out.

8) Did He Break On Through (To The Other Side)?: Good question! There were people who thought Jimbo faked his own death and went to Africa to live out the Arthur Rimbaud fantasy. But figure even if he didn't die on July 3, 1971in a bathtub in Paris, with his considerable intake of alcohol, there's a good chance he'd be dead by now anyway. Unless he quit drinking and is actually playing in a Christian Rock band. The final verdict: probably!

7) Which Greatest Hits Album Should I Buy?: Thanks for asking! The Doors, like the Smiths, have more greatest hits albums than actual studio albums. So, I would suggest buying all six of their studio albums. They're all super! Then grab Absolutely Live!

6) Was Oliver Stone's Movie, The Doors, Any Good?: No.

5) Why Does The Doors' First Album Sound Different?: Very astute of you to notice! You'll need to grab an old vinyl copy of the album (or know a little about CD pressings) to hear the first album the way it was originally released. Over time, it was decided to give people a remixed version of the album that now includes the unedited version of "Break On Through," a remix of "The End" and a tape speed correction of the entire album.

4) What Book Should I Read To Learn More?: That's a tough one. For fun, I would go with the myth-making No One Here Gets Out Alive. For another point of view, try Stephen Davis' Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend. Frank Lisciandro's An Hour for Magic has many great photos and first-person memoirs. Drummer John Densmore's Riders on the Storm is essential since he was in the band. Ray Manzarek's book Light My Fire can be a bit, uh, intense. The film When You're Strange is a worthy visual, even if you feel like smacking Johnny Depp upside the head. It features film clips that many fans had never seen before.

3) Was He A God, Oh Hell, At Least A Lord?: Ah!, you've already peeked at No One Here Gets Out Alive!  To answer your question: Nah, but he was a really good rock star. You're taking all the mythology that's built up over the years a little too seriously, kid.

2) Will He Come Back To Life?: Good question. I like how you think! I wouldn't get my hopes up, but maybe if you're really good and stay in school and get good grades, he'll come back to life to save us all from the lake of fire.

1) What Else Can I Do?: It's nice of you to ask. Jim liked to drink and he liked women. So, I would say, keep a beer ready for him in the refrigerator and if you're a woman stay plenty pretty for Jimbo! If he does come back, we gotta treat him right!

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