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Mick Jagger at 70: A Former London School of Economics Student Takes A Look At Life

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OK, Sir Michael Philip Jagger, OBE, is officially 70 years old by everyone's estimation! To celebrate, we thought it would a grand idea if Mick himself told us what he liked about the Rolling Stones, besides the money. However, Mick is the guy who handed back a book deal for his autobiography because he couldn't remember anything interesting, so what good would he really be at remembering which albums were which?

In honor of this, I offer you a look at the finest Rolling Stones' repackages and what Mick certainly thought of them!

Today will be Live Albums!

From here on out, I'll be Y! and Imaginary Mick Jagger will be IMJ!

The Live Albums

Y!: OK, Mick, please have a seat! I'd like to first go through your live albums!

IMJ!: Eh? Hello, everybody! Go out and buy copies of Primitive Co-oo-ool, it's really underrated!

Y!: No, Mick, we're going to focus on Rolling Stones product, for the moment.

IMJ!: But it's my birthday! I want to talk about She's The Boss. Way ahead of its time. Respect, ladies!

Y!: Seriously, Mick.

IMJ!: Oh, you're a tedious sort, aren't you?

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12) Brussels Affair (Live 1973):

Y!: Many consider this download-only release of a long-time bootleg to be the Stones at their peak!

IMJ!: You just said two words I don't understand. "Download" and "Bootleg." Both don't pay my bills. You know that song, do ya?

11) Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!:

Y!: The 1969 tour was considered to be pretty great.

IMJ!: We don't own that one. I don't know it. Next!

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10) Got Live If You Want It:

Y!: This is an old one that people…

IMJ!: I'm not really here to make other people money, OK! If I wanted to make no money whatsoever I'd have become a blogger, I suppose. Wouldn't you agree? I do love your fuzzy hat, though. I must say, it's so 2002! Is there any hair under there?

9) Love You Live:

Y!: This double album is considered….

IMJ!: Yes! Now, here's a double-album that offers great value! It's got "Satisfaction" and "Hot Stuff" and "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" and the 'El Mocambo' side for historians and…

Y!: Actually, "Satisfaction" is not on this…

IMJ!: Of course, it is, darling. Move on to the next one. My car is waiting.

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8) Stripped:

IMJ!: Stripped? Nice choice! Charlie likes this one. 'We did this one for the fans!' (sarcastic). We (laughing) never mind, next!

7) Some Girls: Live in Texas '78:

IMJ!: Fabulous! You have this one! We had interns or somebody find this footage for us. People liked that record and we liked it, too. Really gave us our 'edge' back, isn't that what you say?

Y!: That is what the consensus seems to...

IMJ!: Feel my arms! Feel that muscle! Seventy! Can you believe it? You should see some of my old classmates! Nowhere near my condition. Feel these calves!

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6) Live at the Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago 1981:

Y!: Anyhow, you have this impromptu blues performance at Buddy Guy's club in Chicago.

IMJ!: Is everyone at Wahoo! as old as you are? Have you even heard the new Kanye? I'll have someone mail you a copy. Wasn't this place a bank a few years ago?

5) Shine A Light:

Y!: Martin Scorsese's dynamic direction really brought out…

IMJ!: Jeez, how many of these things have we done? Brilliant, really! Selling the same thing over and over. It was a great business while it lasted. Double set, too! "Did we do 'Satisfaction' on this one, eh? Did we, fact boy?

Y!: Yes, you did. At the end of both shows. Keith did "Connection" and you…

IMJ!: Ahem, is it Keith's birthday right now?

Y!: No, it's….

IMJ!: Move on.

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4) Live Licks:

IMJ!: Ha! Great title, eh? The censored cover blew my mind. I guess we could do it now with everyone getting married and everything, eh?

Y!: I suppose. The album…

IMJ!: Who's your daddy, by the way? Let me have a look here? Paul Grein? Robert from Radish? John Framed somebody, is he a convict? Is that his gimmick? That Stephen King-looking guy might make for a good leader. Ooh, wait, who is this Lyndsey person?

3) No Security:

Y!: In 1998, you released No Security, a live album that featured many unlikely selections.

IMJ!: "A live album that featured many unlikely selections!" Do you all talk like that? Seriously, though, why didn't they send Lyndsey down to do this "blog" (laughing)? The Sophie Loren glasses are a nice touch, but I would've thought they'd send down…I mean, L'Wren is doing her thing and I'm just…

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2) "Still Life":

Y!: "Still Life" from the 1981 tour…

IMJ!: Don't you love the quotes! That was my idea! Jovan Perfume, I can still smell it on the ol' sweatpants to this day! Still fit in 'em, too. Made some money on that tour. Who handles your retirement plans around here?

1) Flashpoint:

Y!: The first album to use 'binaural recording."

IMJ!: Wow, you really don't break character. What the hell is binaural recording? Did you hear it?

Seriously, though, send Lyndsey down and we'll have a talk about all of your retirement plans. Sir Rupert and I have these bonds we're going to be selling and it's a wonderful deal, if I don't mind saying so. 4.3% annually, low risk-high return for these uncertain financial times. You'd be like a partner with me. Call her now. If she's not available, send, let me see, Chris Willman, is that a she? No? What about Wendy Geller? Hmmn, married, you say? How married?

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