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Ten Music Superstars Who Would Be Your Friend

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Everyone likes to have friends! Well, almost everyone. Stay tuned when I list the Ten Music Superstars Who Would NOT Be Your Friend.

Most of us would like to have famous friends. Famous. Rich. Beautiful. I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty tired of paying for the Ramen and the Schlitz. My friends are OK, I guess, but the group below could be better for my career. So, excuse me, as I make a few phone calls.


10) Drake: He's such a nice, respectable guy, the Richie Cunningham of R&B. Take him home to your mom and you might have a new roomie.

9) Paul McCartney: I'm told Paul McCartney really is the nice guy he comes across as. He's not a jerk once the spotlight goes out. Good to hear. Remember he's vegetarian and likes medicinal marijuana. Mention how much you think Pipes of Peace is underrated. And unlike Ricky Gervais don't make any Heather Mills jokes.

8) Ringo Starr: Ringo was always lovable. And I wouldn't feel right putting Paul on the list and leaving off Ringo. Who could be mean to Ringo? What kind of person are you?

7) Bruce Springsteen: You would just have to get used to having him call you "Clem" for no apparent reason.

6) Billy Joel: He takes it easy most of the time. He's like your old uncle who can tell you stories about New York City and Long Island back in the good ol' days.

5) David Byrne: He'd like to psychoanalyze you and use your likeness as found material. Let him. What else are you going to do with your "likeness"?

4) Dave Grohl: The Foo-Fighting Frontman has regular guy written all over him. I'd say you could hang out with him and he would just assume you belonged there.

3) Nicki Minaj: Nicki will be your friend. I just can't ascertain which Nicki will show up. Let's hope for Nicki Teresa, the one who is a "healer to her fans." We could all use a miracle.

2) Amy Winehouse: OK, her first question might be either, "What do you have for me?" or "What are you holding?" But, hey, a good time is a good time. You want to try to rehabilitate her? Good luck.

1) Phil Collins: From what I've been reading, Phil's really sorry for being everywhere in the 1980s and would like to reestablish a connection with all the real people who don't think he's the Anti-Christ. Reach out, today. Maybe he'll let you play his drums.

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