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The Five Best Sunshine Songs

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Things we know for sure. The sun is hot. Summertime is the hottest season. There is a lot of hot sun during the summertime. People write songs with the hopes that other people "relate" to them, therefore, they write songs about the weather and that includes the sun.

The Velvet Underground once asked "Who Loves The Sun" and then answered "not everyone," setting us up for future anti-sun songs. Just goes to show there's a contrarian at every pool party. Who keeps inviting these glum chums? And why do they keep showing up? Why don't they stay home and listen to their emo records?

John Denver--"Sunshine On My Shoulder": Certain songs speak such universal truths that NO ONE can deny their sentiment. I can't speak for you--though I will--but sunshine on MY shoulder makes me happy, for sure. Sunshine on the water does look lovely. And while I can't say sunshine makes me as high as these doctor-prescribed muscle relaxants I'm quite fond of, I could see where it does more for the average person than, say, a lot of rain.

The Beatles--"Here Comes The Sun": It's said that a lot of British musicians move out of England because the taxes there are unfair and burdensome. But I'd venture that a lot of Brits move because the weather sucks. If we were all smart, we'd all converge on southern California. But we're not and that's why we get songs like this, where the emergence of the sun, its eventual SHOWING UP, is an event to be celebrated instead of a standard day-to-day occurrence. Boy, am I stupid.

Jonathan Edwards--"Sunshine": One of these songs where the guy tries to act like he's tough by singing the word "Damned" and telling the sun to buzz off. But you don't tell the sun to buzz off, the sun tells you to buzz off, pal, by giving you skin cancer. So don't mess with the sun. Wear sun block and get regular screenings. If you see an unusual looking mole, don't wait, get it checked out today. Limit times at the beach to off-peak hours and wear a hat and long sleeves whenever possible. Don't stick your arm out the window when you drive. And drink lots of fluids to remain hydrated. OK?

Soundgarden--"Black Hole Sun": Leave it to dudes in Seattle to find a way to make the whole sunshine thing into a bum trip. What do you expect from the land considered the suicide capital? If these people would stop praying for rain all the time maybe they'd get more sunshine! You have to look on the sunny side and make things happen. If life give you lemonade, you don't burn down the lemonade stand!

Donovan--"The Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow": Can you believe this guy wonders why people don't take him seriously? Hey, Epistle to Dippy: anyone who writes "I Love My Shirt" and "The Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow" is looking to take up residence on the same block as Mr. Fred Rogers not Bob Dylan, OK?  That said, this is a wonderful little song about the sun that never casts the warm globe as an evil villain. Though feminist groups were certainly--and understandably--upset that it should be generally assumed that the sun is automatically a guy. Prove it, Dono!

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