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Twenty-Five Band Names Taken From Book Titles

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This list focuses on Band Names taken from Book Titles. Not to be confused with bands who took their names from characters in books or by objects found in those books. After all, we always need more lists and I am quite obliged to satisfy.

There are a few vague cheats in here. You could argue a band named after a play shouldn't necessarily make this list, but sometimes things are close enough for my liking.

I'm not promoting or disparaging any of the names listed herein. (Well, maybe a little.) They are what they are. For those wondering how one ranks such a project, I can only ascertain that the vague order is somewhat determined by my laziness to cut and paste further. I mean, I suppose #19 could be #17, and #21 could be #6.  Let's just say I liked looking at them in this order and leave it at that. It's not the destination that counts, but the journey.

I don't know what that means, really. But I've heard others say it in order to sound profound. Why not me?

25) Art of Noise - The Art of Noises, Author: Luigi Russolo - For those of you thinking I'm going to provide information regarding the musical sounds of the group and the contents of the written work, I admit you'll be seriously let down here. But let this be a moment for you to brush up on your web-searching skills. Who needs actual reviews of music anymore when you can hear it for yourselves? In other words, I've never listened to this group or read the book in question. Trevor Horn fans will enjoy.

24) Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories - Author: J. D. Salinger - I really wouldn't expect any more or less from a woman who attended the prestigious Brown University, had a hit in a horribly dated film called Reality Bites and then ended up on a "reality" dating program. Did she think by naming the group this way she's be invited to tea with Mr. Salinger? Kids from my state school would've likely named themselves after a Tom Clancy novel.

23) Silverchair - The Silver Chair, Author: C.S. Lewis - I remember reading awhile back about how these young rockers were the future of rock 'n' roll, or at least a terrific understudy for Nirvana. Who is still championing their records today?

22) Guadalcanal Diary - Author: Richard Tregaskis - Any group who has songs called "Watusi Rodeo" and "I Wish I Killed John Wayne" are at least novel enough to be remembered years later.

21) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Author: William March - The first instinct is to think that Nick Cave named the group after the film, but considering his other group was named after a play listed further down this list and that Cave is a novelist, I'm prone to believing he's a literary man, through and through.

20) Supertramp - Autobiography of a Super-Tramp, Author: William H. Davies - I don't think it's a coincidence that the book was written by a man named Davies and the group was led in part by Rick Davies. Just as I have always wanted to name a group, The Everything That Rises Must Converges Band.

19) Primal Scream - Author: Arthur Janov - Figure if John Lennon could use it and turn it into music, then surely another group of dudes would come along and turn it into a band name.

18) True West - Author: Sam Shepard - I've always liked Sam Shepard and I love many of the groups who performed during the 1980s as part of the Paisley Underground. I think True West had one song I kinda liked. Not bad, all things considered.

17) Hot Water Music - Author: Charles Bukowski - I've always had mixed feelings about Charles Bukowski. I liked when he wrote about work. His stuff on women is a flat-out bore. The posing is tiresome. But the writing can be concise and to-the-point. He's got a decent beat and you can dance to him. But I still give him a 43. The band is called "punk rock," but their records started coming out in 1996, so they're doomed. Too little, too late.

16) The Blue Nile - Author: Alan Moorehead - This bit here from Wikipedia is too good not to be true:  "When local hi-fi manufacturer Linn Electronics heard their music, through friend and recording engineer Calum Malcolm, the company offered the band money to record a track that would showcase the sonic range of the company's high-end audio equipment. Linn was so pleased with the result, they formed their own record label in order to release The Blue Nile's debut, A Walk Across The Rooftops, in 1983."

15) Eyeless in Gaza - Author: Aldous Huxley - You know there's always something disturbed and intriguing about "post-punk musical duos." It's like when you have two members making decisions, you get more creativity than a solo act and more ability to pursue those ideas than when you have more members who wish to be taken seriously.

14) The House of Love - A Spy In the House of Love, Author: Anais Nin - All I wish to say here is that I wish their early records were more easily available. I don't like "Greatest Hits" collections since the songs I like rarely make their way onto them. From what I've read by her and about her from Henry Miller, Anais Nin was hot.

13) New Riders of the Purple Sage - Riders of the Purple Sage, Author: Zane Grey - I do like the idea that the band decided they would be the "New" Riders. It shows a head for marketing. I should hope they also received reviews worth 3.99 stars.

12) The Doors - The Doors of Perception, Author: Aldous Huxley - I really enjoyed the "Classic Album" breakdown of their debut. Hearing how a bossa-nova beat, a Ray Charles organ riff and a Paul Butterfield Blues Band guitar line turned into "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" confirmed my suspicions that all bands should learn to play something other than rock 'n' roll in order to make rock 'n' roll.

11) Marillion - Silmarillion, Author:  J.R.R. Tolkien - It makes sense that an author who writes books that don't interest me would inspire a band that doesn't interest me. I'm sure it works the other way as well, with people who love Tolkien finding Marillion to be equally enjoyable. To each their own.

10) The Velvet Underground - Author: Michael Leigh - I found a copy of this book and never read it. By contrast, I over-listened to the Velvet Underground growing up so much that I haven't been able to listen to their albums more than a few times since. I love and appreciate them more in memory. And it's all my fault.

9) As I Lay Dying - Author: William Faulkner - I'm not sure that William Faulkner fans would actually like this band. Nor do I think Faulkner himself would care for them either. But Bill and I haven't spoken in some time.

8) Pylon - Author: Williams Faulkner - I'm pretty sure that William Faulkner fans would actually like this band. I also think Faulkner himself would care for them. But Bill and I haven't spoken in some time.

7) Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte: The Girls of Good Day Orphanage, Author: Carol Beach York - I'm inclined to believe that the book is more interesting than the band. But then I'm not much of a fan of punk rock re-enacters.

6) Steppenwolf - Author: Herman Hesse - I managed to earn a B.A. in English without reading anything by Herman Hesse. The band, however, I had discovered by the age of 15 and picked out a handful of tunes that I can deal with. Should it have been the other way around?

5) The Birthday Party - Author: Harold Pinter - Nick Cave's group named themselves after that master of pauses and silences. Yet their own work was dominated by pure excess. Doesn't anyone read anymore?

4) Belle & Sebastian - Belle et Sebastian, Author: Cecile Aubry - Named after a children's book, this group has lived up to their name, playing whimsical songs that can tear your head off. Much better than if they'd named themselves Modern Portfolio Management by Martin L. Leibowitz.

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3) The Fall - Author: Albert Camus - Mark E. Smith may be a true original, but he got his start from staring at an Albert Camus novel. I have trouble imagining Mr. Smith reading anything, except his own writing. That said, I would love to take a course with him if only to see if I could understand a single word he says. "Open to page twenty-three-ahh and read the first paragraph-ahh."

2) Soft Machine - Author: William S. Burroughs - Plenty of people have found inspiration in Mr. Burroughs. His outlaw lifestyle matched with his unusual use of language made him the kind of guy just perfect for people who liked the idea of reading as much as the actual act.

1) Genesis - Genesis, Author: God - I just can't argue with a group that names themselves after the first book of the Bible. Yes, I know there was a metal band called Exodus and I'm sure somewhere plays a band called Ezekiel. But Genesis is where it all began. Too bad those scientists keep finding rocks with the wrong dates on them.

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