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50 Cent Refused To ‘Self-Destruct’

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Don't confuse Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson with the leadcharacter of his movie, "Before I Self-Destruct," the recently releasedstraight-to-DVD film packaged with his album of the same name.

While Clarence and Curtis do havea few things in common-in particular losing their mothers-it is the way theyhandled their hardships that distinguish them.


Curtis, the hip-hop artist andmogul, eventually used his shortcomings to fuel his pursuit of his art as expressedin the title of his 2003 Aftermath/Shady Records/Interscope debut "Get Rich OrDie Trying."

Clarence, on the other hand,found himself entrapped in a life of crime.

"I wrote a scenario that wouldallow me to show you someone who would regress to the point that nothingmatters outside of their financial well being," 50 explained when he stopped by theYahoo! Music office to perform songs from the album.

Watch the "Before I Self-Destruct" movie trailer.

Whereas movies are typicallymade before the music accompaniment is finalized, 50 tried a differentapproach. The songs on the "Before I Self-Destruct" soundtrack were createdfirst and inspired the film.

The album's lead single has beensuccessful in calling attention to the project. "Baby By Me" is comical on acasual listen. The chorus rings, "Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire." Butcan this be a real 50 pick up line?

"Baby By Me" is actually aclever play on the classic hip-hop gold digger theme. Don't believe me? Take alisten to its companion track, "Do You Think About Me?"

On the latter, 50 belittles hisson's mother for her unsuccessful attempt to receive increased child support.He argues that her focus on shopping sprees played a role in the demise oftheir relationship. He scoffs that her greed-filled motives backfired as thecourt actually reduced the amount of her payments.

50 Cent knows what buttons topush, and that doing so is great for album marketing.

Watch his Maximum Performanceinterview for more insight, including his philosophy on battling hisdetractors. Also, check out live versions of his songs "Baby By Me," "Do YouThink About Me," and "Ok, You're Right."

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