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Acoustic To A T: Plain White T’s Regale At Yahoo! Music

Tiffany Lee
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When a Plain White T showers, is that called doing laundry? Despite a long day of interviews that left the boys craving a refresher, the Chicago-based quintet--singer and guitarist Tom Higgenson, lead guitarist Tim Lopez, rhythm guitarist Dave Tirio, bassist Mike Retondo, and drummer De'Mar Hamilton--breezed into the Yahoo! music room dressed like sharp lads off a vaudeville caravan or the (pre-rioting) Gangs Of New York set. Alas, the sartorial efforts were not for us, but for an on-camera fashion discussion earlier that day. But we'd like to think they got a little snazzy for Yahoo!, too.

Whether it was their long day or just their natural charisma, the band came into the music room with such a relaxed demeanor, it felt like we were just hanging out in someone's living room. It was interesting to see the band's dynamic: As one began to wander, another pulled him back on task. Once everyone was settled their professionalism took over, and without prompting they jumped right into what they do best: playing music. Wielding three guitars and a ukulele all in a row like revolutionaries with rifles and the bravado to match, Plain White T's sprung into song without even knowing the camera was rolling. It's that kind of geniune love for music that keeps their fanbase growing.

Check out our videos of the group performing their latest single "Boomerang," along with "Irrational Anthem," and "Rhythm Of Love" off their latest album Wonders Of The Younger, courtesy of Hollywood Records and of course, the T's themselves.

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