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Beeyotch Stole My Look!

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance

Please take a moment to check out my photo here. It is my much-labored-over 2004 Halloween costume, which involved the senseless dismembering of a stuffed animal in the name of fashion. But it was worth it!

Now look at THIS photo, taken last night at Coachella. I've added the bar across the eyes, a la Glamour magazine's "Do's & Don'ts" column, to protect this Coachella-attending Bjork fan's identity. But I'm not sure if this is a "do" or a "don't," to be honest.

On the "do" side, I DO think it's cool that she made this much effort, and suffered through the heat in synthetic feathers and fur, to show her appreciation for Friday's headliner. But on the "don't" side...well, I DON'T like the competition. I wore this outfit first, dammit!

Of course, no one rocks a crazy-azz costume like Bjork herself. And Iceland's finest didn't disappoint Friday night, sporting a corsetted Moulin Rouge-on-brown-acid getup that luckily didn't cut off one bit of her mighty lung power. So now I gotta start working on my copycat costume for Halloween 2007, I suppose...

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