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Bez 2.0

Lyndsey Parker
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Those of you wondering who the mystery man dancing with the Happy Mondays was tonight, it was, sadly, not the reunited Madchester band's infamous whirling dervish, Bez. No, Bez had visa probs and wasn't allowed into the U.S. for the gig. Wow, an acidhouse legend with a long history of rampant Ecstasy intake and petty crime having visa problems? Go figure, huh?

But Shaun Ryder & company got the next best thing: My pal Dan Martin, the nutter responsible for the highly addictive blog Too Much Information. Dan did a fab job filling Bez's trainers, I must say...AND it was his birthday! What better way is there to celebrate than that? Dan claims he didn't take any drugs to get into Bez mode, and I believe him, but judging from his rubberlimbed dance moves, I bet a lot of other people will think he's fibbing.

Check out Yahoo! Music's full Coachella coverage later this week, which will feature Dan's own blog, detailing his Mondays cameo, his chance meeting with Courtney Love, and more...

Happy B'Day, Dan!

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