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Countdown To VH1′s Who Rock Honors: The Flaming Lips Interview, Pt. 4

Lyndsey Parker
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The "baked beans" scene in the Who's Tommy is one of the greatest, if messiest, moments in movie musicals. The image of millions of greasy red legumes pouring down over Ann-Margret's pristine white pantsuit and pristine white bedroom suite--white shag carpet, white satin bed, white couch, white walls, etc.--is a celluloid sellout indelibly seared into the brain of every Who fan that ever watched it.

So we at Yahoo! Music thought it was a no-brainer that when the Flaming Lips performed a Tommy medley at the VH1 Who Rock Honors concert--which taped this past Saturday, and premieres on VH1 Thursday night--they'd recreate this pivotal scene. After all, lead Lip Wayne Coyne often performs in a white suit with reddish fake blood pouring down his body, so how hard would it be for the band to swap out the stage blood for a couple cans of Heinz?

Well, it turns out baked beans bear a disturbing resemblance to some other sort of liquid matter--a liquid that the VH1 crowd, or any crowd except maybe a Gallagher audience, would not want to be sprayed with. So instead the Lips tricked out their stage with cheapo disco lights and came up with an equally awesome, but much tidier, end product. I'm sure the cleanup crew at the venue appreciated this.

In part 4 of his one-on-one Yahoo! Music interview on the VH1 Who Rock Honors set, Wayne went into fascinating (if gory) detail about these subjects, and revealed more about what VH1 viewers can expect on Thursday night's broadcast. See him spill the beans (heh heh) here:

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