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Incubus Return With Exclusive Performance At Jim Henson Studios

Tiffany Lee
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After an almost five-year hiatus, Incubus are back with their moody brand of rock accentuated by lead singer Brandon Boyd's signature bellowing vocals. Not counting their 2009 greatest-hits album Monuments And Melodies, the band is returning from the longest hiatus they've had between albums--and their growth shows.

Having the time off to pursue personal projects--which for Boyd included last year's Wild Trapeze solo effort and an interest in watercolor and ink illustrations--the band appears to have matured with their latest work (Boyd's even wearing a shirt). The songs they've released thus far from their latest album If Not Now, When? appear to be more introspective than their past albums, contemplating the broader spectrums of topics like youth and love, memories past and moments lost. Having started in 1991, Incubus certainly do some prioritizing and reflecting on their 20 years of experince for this album. Sometimes it takes a long hiatus to put everything into perspective, and the band is better for it.

Shot at the Jim Henson Studios, sadly without Cee-Lo-style Muppet backup singers, we're stoked to have a few exclusive live performances for your Incubus-loving pleasure. Although darkened and tapestried, this was the same studio that the original 1985 "We Are The World" superstar collaboration was recorded and filmed.

Just for Y! Music, watch Incubus perform "Adolescents" and "Friends And Lovers" off their new album If Not Now, When?, which drops July 12:

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