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Jack Johnson: Live And More Eco-Friendly Than Ever!

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It's big news when Jack Johnson releases a new album.

The much-loved singer/songwriter, who releases his new album To The Sea next week, has made a career of being a non-careerist--that is, by simply doing what he does, doing it well, and having a marked distaste for the typical marketing/promo blitz that dogs the efforts of nearly all of his contemporaries.

It's just part of what makes him different.

Perhaps more notably--and absolutely the exception to every rule in the entertainment business-Johnson makes a habit of taking his tour profits and, incredibly, donating them to charity. He did it in 2008 via the establishment of the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, and will do it once again with this year's tour profits. And there will be tour profits aplenty.

To The Sea is a marvelous Jack Johnson album:  Intimately recorded in a near-live format in Johnson's own studio, the record captures the charm and seeming simplicity of the singer's music at its best. But of course "seeming" is the operative word here, as Johnson's best work is subtle, with every note perfectly placed and every emotion unforced and genuine.

Y! Music recently caught up with the singer and band in his other studio in Los Angeles--a remarkable "green-by-design" spot that may be the most environmentally friendly recording studio in the world--and had a refreshing early morning interview with the man. We also were treated to three performances that we know you're going to enjoy.

Watch the man in action!

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