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Klaxons’ Comeback Is The Cat’s Meow

Lyndsey Parker
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Myths Of The Near Future by London electro-rockers Klaxons was one of the landmark albums of 2007, issuing in a new media-christened music genre ("nu-rave") and a slew of like-minded dance-influenced, space-age Britrock bands; earning the prestigious Mercury Music Prize; and inspiring thousands of worshipful U.K. teens to swab their faces with neon paint in the audiences at the Klaxons' legendary live gigs.

But then, amid rumors of record-label difficulties and their follow-up album being shelved because it was deemed "too experimental for release," Klaxons took a too-long hiatus. The music scene changed a great deal during those three years, but fans never stopped yearning for new Klaxons music. And now that the band has finally returned as a quartet on a new U.S. label, TinyOgre, with the just-released Surfing The Void (available on iTunes now), they sound even fresher and more of-the-moment than ever before. It's almost as if the rest of the planet has caught up with the future-thinking group's intergalactic pop.

And of course, Klaxons returned to the scene in the most awesome way imaginable, with perhaps the most iconic and genius album cover since Nevermind's dollar-chasing pool baby--featuring band member Jamie Reynolds' own space cat, Orphee. The album art was quickly the toast of the feline-obsessed Interweb, reintroducing the band in a totally claws-out manner.

The band recently visited the Yahoo! Music studio, where they discussed their catty cover art (Orphee makes a cameo in the interview!) and the trials of recording Surfing The Void, plus they cranked out three fabulous tracks from their new album.

Surf the clips below now!

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