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Lady Gaga Plays Surprise After-Hours Shows At Three Drag Clubs

Lyndsey Parker
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Lady Gaga may be headlining stadiums these days, but she clearly still likes to stay in touch with her clubby roots. This past weekend, she paid no less than three surprise visits to gay bars along her tour route, where the pop queen vamped it up alongside the very drag queens who were paying tribute to her.

On Saturday, March 12, after playing the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky, Gaga rode her disco stick over to a gay bar called the Connection, where the crowd understandably erupted when, a little after 1am, she bumrushed the club's drag revue and joined Gaga impersonator Vanessa DeMornay for an impromptu performance of "Born This Way."

The following night, Gaga and her entourage of shirtless male backup dancers hit the dance floor at the Round-Up club in Dallas, for another unannounced performance of her new hit single.

And finally, later that same evening in Dallas, she crashed a party in the Rose Room at the S4 club across the street, for another on-the-fly Gaga revue:

A rep for Lady Gaga's record label, Interscope, has confirmed it is indeed Gaga in all three clips.

It just goes to show, the best Lady Gaga female impersonator will always be the Lady herself. Additionally, these surprise appearances indicate that if you can't afford a ticket for Gaga's current tour, you may still have a chance to catch her concert, if you just hang out at the nearest gay bar and wait for her to show up for the inevitable afterparty.

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