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Part 2: Paul Oakenfold And The Bourne Sessions: Live At The Winter Music Conference

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Feedback from yesterday's MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE blog has been overwhelmingly positive, largely from people who wished they attended the Winter Music Conference in the first place--but also from many dazzled by the video performance they saw here.

One of the most dazzling aspects of Paul Oakenfold's set was the mixture of visuals and rhythm; the superb incorporation of the Bourne Conspiracy game footage and the well-paced rhythm surges of the performance makes the clip you're about to see seem very much more than the sum of its respective parts. You'll see what I mean at around the 11-minute mark.

Continuing the mind-blowing performance of Paul Oakenfold at the recent Winter Music Conference, here's "The Bourne Sessions Act 2."

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We'll be back soon with the final two parts of "The Bourne Sessions,"  both of which easily match the excitement of what's already been displayed.

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