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Partying Like It’s 2008 At Hard NYE

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance

As the old saying goes, New Year's Eve is for amateurs. And this is indeed true--just think of all those part-time partiers, whose idea of celebrating in style is renting a white stretch Hummer limo (classy!) or shoehorning themselves into some overcrowded, overpriced, overtrendy club where they'll spend 75 bucks for a "champagne toast" with a goblet of what is probably $2 hooch.

Yep, just think of all those 24-minute party people aggressively, desperately trying to make up for the previous 364 boring nights of their little lives. Ugh. Damn amateurs...

However, as a professional gig-goer, I'd be remiss not to report on THE New Year's Eve L.A. scenester/hipster/whatever-ster bash this year: the Hard NYE festival in downtown Los Angeles, featuring fake-bearded crotch-rock goddess Peaches; smut-peddling, censor-baiting, old-skool rappers 2 Live Crew; and a DJ set from everyone's fave cross-bearing Frenchies, Justice.

Plus, according to common superstition, how one spends New Year's Eve supposedly forecasts how one will spend the coming year...and if that's true, I figured I'd better go to Hard NYE, lest I end up spending 2008, Year Of The Rat, alone on my ratty couch with my ratty cat instead of D.A.N.C.E.-ing to robot rock (or, to quote the ever-so-tasteful 2 Live Crew, "dancing like a ho") on the ratty streets of L.A. So I braved the amateurs and the Hummers, and off I went.

However, I am NOT so "professional" that I'm going to bother writing up some detailed, meticulously spellchecked play-by-play report on last night's Hard NYE festivities--oh no, not after I was partying Hard until the wee hours of the morning. Therefore I will let these Peaches pics in this blog tell about a thousand words each, and save myself the (possibly champagne/hooch-induced) headache...


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