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Paul McCartney: Making History. Again.

Maximum Performance

Just three words can convey one very large picture. Consider these three: Beatles. Shea Stadium.

In 1965, the Beatles made history by opening New York's Shea Stadium for music with a performance that has become a cherished part of rock 'n' roll lore. In many ways, the legendary Liverpool quartet's massive gig has become the bar by which all other "record-breaking" pop performances need be measured.

And in many ways, that band's very famous singer/songwriter/bassist Paul McCartney was at it again this year.

This summer, McCartney generated headlines when he was asked to open New York's Citi Field stadium--to many, regarded as "the new Shea"--and did so for no less than three nights. Luckily, McCartney and his band's performance was captured by a full sound and video crew; this month, the end result can be see via McCartney's new CD/DVD combo, Good Evening New York City. Featuring 33 tracks taken from the performance, the set shows that McCartney, a full 44 years after his earlier Shea Performance, remains a rocker through and through. Check out this current-day performance of the Beatles' "Day Tripper" and you'll get the full picture.



Fans are advised to check out McCartney's own website for more details about the new release. Available in several versions--including a deluxe package also featuring the man's seven-song performance on the Late Show With David Letterman and an audience documentary film entitled Good Evening People, among other goodies--it looks likely to rock your own personal stadium, wherever you are.

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